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FreePBX Setup and PBX Configuration Step-by-Step

Sangoma FreePBX 40Sangoma Technologies Corporation is a Canadian manufacturer of VoIP hardware and software which are used in unified communications worldwide. Well known for their excellent interface cards (FXO, FXS, T1, etc.), they established an early presence in the VoIP world with cards that surpassed their competition with some of the best echo cancellation features.

NOTE: Sangoma Phones are the only phones built purposely for FreePBX and manufactured specifically for FreePBX systems only. Sangoma also owns Asterisk making it the undeniable leader in open source PBX software.

After Sangoma acquired FreePBX publisher Schmooze in 2015 they continued moving towards expanding their own VoIP PBX appliances and their own line of open standards SIP phones. The VoIP appliances range from the FreePBX appliance to the PBXact series UC appliance. After Sangoma acquired Digium they now own the Switchvox line of PBXs and the Digium phones. They manufacture the S series IP phone line, which are designed to integrate with FreePBX. Sangoma upon acquiring Digium are now the owners of Asterisk.

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FreePBX Setup and PBX Configuration Step by Step

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About Sangoma Technologies

Sangoma company information.Sangoma Technologies Corporation, founded in 1984, is a Canadian manufacturer and publicly traded company that makes VoIP hardware and software that are used in unified communications, PBX, IVR, contact center and data-communication applications worldwide. Sangoma acquired FreePBX publisher Schmooze in 2015, the best open source GUI (Graphical User Interface) that controls and manages Asterisk. FreePBX has been bundled into various Asterisk-based third-party products such as trixbox, PBX in a Flash and Incredible PBX, and is used in many Asterisk installations worldwide. Sangoma built a solid reputation with some of the industries best telephony cards and were used in many Asterisk deployments. Their PBXact and FreePBX appliances are gaining recognition and have won awards. Recently Sangoma acquired Digium and with them now is the owner of Asterisk, the premier open source PBX software.