ShoreWare System Administrator Guide

Shoretel Shoregear 60 12 switch.550 pages...This guide explains how to use ShoreWare Director to configure, administer, and maintain the ShoreTel 8.1 system. Use this manual for complete instructions to administer the ShoreTel ShoreTel.

Shoretel was a publicly traded company headquarter in Sunnyvale, California that manufacturered a high line of IP-PBX switches and IP phones. Their switches were very popular for the medium sized business all the way to enterprise solutions. Popular desk phones found in many installations include the Shorephone 230, 530 and 560 models. They were bought and are currently owned by Mitel.

The ShoreWare System Administrator Guide is here for download

Download ShoreWare System Administrator Guide.pdf

ShoreWare System Administrator Guide.pdf