Allworx 10x Users Guide.pdf

84 page manual by Allworx includes how to install the Allworx communication center software..logging on...creating and updating telephone handsets...handset features, managing and administering the Allworx 10x phone more.

Allworx10 IP PBX switch.Allworx, based in Rochester, NY started building their VoIP communication systems back in 2003 and since then has captured customers that range from professional services to school districts. Their IP-PBX systems start with the 6x and go through the 10x to the 24x and greater. The 6x system now can handle up to 30 telephones, so Allworx has built-in expansion capabilities for growing companies. Typical telephone handsets include the smaller 12 button model, the 9212 and the larger 24 button model, the 9224.

The Allworx 10x Users Guide you came for is here to download in pdf.


Download the Allworx 10 Users Guide.pdf

Allworx 10x Uers Guide.pdf


Allworx 9212L Telephone.


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