Strata CTX Telephone Phone User Guide

118 page guide by Toshiba provides in-depth instructions for the DKT3000 and DKT2000 series digital telephones, with everything from the basics to advanced operation... Answering Calls, Hands-free Answerback, Call Transfer, Conference Calls...and more.

The Toshiba small businesses phone solutions that has been powering offices for quite some time now are the Strata CTX100 and CIX100. Both are designed with the features and affordability that have made them so popular for so long and both are still working to handle the communication needs of many small businesses all around the globe. Below you'll find some of the best prices on Toshiba DKT telephones from a trusted source.

The Toshiba Strata CTX Telephone User Guide.pdf is here for download.

Toshiba Strata CTX Telephone User Guide.pdf

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