Aastra IP Phone manuals and AastraLink Pro 160 Installation guides.

Aastra 57i IP PhoneAastra's IP phones have been a mainstay with Asterisk IP-PBX installations.  These dependable IP Phones have customizable options that have been used by Asterisk developers to offer the features and softkeys that users have requested.  With varying sized LED displays, the i series models have price points to meet most budgets.  Below we offer you many of the 4 and 5i IP telephone manuals for download as well as the AastraLink Pro 160 Asterisk appliance manuals and guides.  In January 2014, Aastra officially merged with Mitel, and as part of that merger, some of Aastra’s products were renamed, including their IP phones, and some were replaced or even discontinued. 

The new IP phones can be found under the name Mitel 6730 SIP phone, etc.. Mitel now makes IP phones that are part of the MiVoice line.

Aastra 5i Series IP phone guides and manuals.


Aastra 5i Series SIP phone guides

Aastra 53i Brochure  158 KB
Aastra 53i SIP User Guide  8050 KB
Aastra 55i Brochure  1096 KB
Aastra 55i User Guide  1016 KB
Aastra 57i Brochure   160 KB
Aastra 57i User Guide  11115 KB
Aastra 57i-CT User Guide  11580 KB
Aastra 536M and 560M Expansion Modules  231 KB


Mitel SIP6700 Series-IP Phones Data Sheet  1083 KB *These are the old Aastra phones that are now made by Mitel.
Mitel SIP6800 Series Brochure  2222 KB


AastraLink Pro 160 IP- PBX Asterisk Appliance
The AastraLink PRO 160 has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

AastraLink Pro 160 Data Overview Brochure  787 KB
AastraLink Pro 160 Admin Guide  14821 KB
AastraLink Pro 160 User Guide v1.1  11408 KB
AastraLink Pro 160 Admin Quick Start Guide  5200 KB

About Aastra Technologies

Aastra Technologies Ltd., a Canadian company founded in 1983 makes residential and business telephone terminals, screen telephones, business phone systems (PBX), and other communications equipment.  In 2000, Aastra acquired the rights to manufacture phones under the Nortel name.  Mitel Networks Corp. acquired Aastra Technologies Ltd. in 2013.  In January 2014, Aastra officially completed the merger with Mitel.  And as part of the merger, some of Aastra’s products were renamed, some were replaced and some were even discontinued.