Choosing Business Hosted VoIP; cloud based phone service.

7 reasons why replacing an old pbx with hosted VoIP is the right choice.  Benefits of an Internet based phone system.

Phone salesman sitting at a desk.Hosted VoIP (Cloud Based Phone Service) services are replacing older small business phone systems every day.  The reasons begin with availability of large robust Internet pipes and end with affordability.  In between, there are several points that add to the advantages, each significantly important to some business models.  When considering moving to a cloud based business phone system it is important to consider how your company uses its phone system and plan for any changes that might effect productivity, either negatively or positively.

  1. Lower costs for greater bandwidth.   There has been fierce competition between different service providers, like DSL and cable, that has led to business customers being offered significantly larger Internet speeds at much lower costs.  These lower cost, more robust pipes are being offered by cable companies, with some offering as much as a 30 meg service at less than a just few megs would have cost 3 years ago.  Hosted VoIP which uses the Internet for phone conversations and feature signaling does much better when there is plenty of bandwidth.
  2. Easier to move phone numbers.  The process to move (porting numbers) your existing phone numbers is fairly straight forward and most VoIP providers are helpful and proficient is handing the requests.
  3. Setup is easy.  Whether you're starting a new business, in which case getting a cloud based phone service would be a straight forward choice or replacing an existing aged phone system, setting up and connecting phones and getting calls handled the way you want them handled is fairly easy and straight forward.  A good business VoIP provider should have tech support that will walk you through it.
  4. No phone system to maintain.  Say good bye to the phone closet and all that equipment that requires maintenance and where any movement of phone extensions require a technician to come to do a cross connect change.  Upgrades in software and features are all handled by the provider.
  5. Expandability and the ability to add services.  If you find your business needs more lines, a toll free number, an out of state number or any other added service, adding them is as easy as a click of the mouse.  When it comes to changing services in an existing account, nothing is quite as easy as a VoIP service.
  6. IP phones are affordable.  IP phones used with a VoIP service, like Polycom, Grandstream and Yealink to mention but a few, incorporate an excellent feature set, have good LED displays, come at prices that will keep you in your budget.
  7. Lower initial cost and affordability.  Considering the expense of a business phone system is lower than the past, it will still run a couple of thousand for a small system.  That money can pay for other business expenses.  In addition, calls over VoIP are cheaper and that can add up a significant savings over the long haul.

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