A llworx IP-PBX; How to change the phone administration password. Mike's PBX tips.

Mike's PBX technician help for users.Allworx makes several different sizes of the phone system including the 6x, 10x, 24x, etc. and these instructions should work on anyone of them.  The screenshots are from a version that might not match yours, but should be close enough to work through the steps and perform the change anyway. The following instructions will allow you to change the phone administration password whether it has been changed from the default or not and discover what the password actually is set to without changing it, which can be a valuable tool, if needed.

All you will need to accomplish this is for a computer connected and able to connect to the Allworx switch.




Allworx IP-PBX: How to change the phone administration password, step by step.

Start by opening the Allworx software through a browser and logging into the system using the correct credentials.



About Allworx VoIP Phone Systems

Allworx has been providing IP phone systems for some time now and there are thousands installed in businesses worldwide. Allworx Connect™ sells itself as a platform for the future and currently provides IP-PBX switches that range from two small business solutions, the Allworx Connect 324 and 320 that support up to 20 users, all the way to the 731 which can handle up to 180 users. They also currently offer two models of their own IP phones, the Verge 9308 and 9312.