Avaya ip-office and partner: description of the LEDs and what they tell us.

Mike's PBX technician help for users.The Avaya IP Office and Partner hardware LEDs display a lot of information about the system and can be used to troubleshoot in the case of failures.  These indicators can lead you to many possible causes of issues and should be used as a first go to when tracking down a problem. Below we have the descriptions of the LEDs for different hardware components and what each light's color indicates starting with the start up sequence on the control unit and how it will display after boot up, to the base card and daughter trunks card(s).

Below are a summary of various IP Office hardware LED indicator lights and what the different colors indicate.



Avaya IP Office hardware LED indicator descriptions.

Ayaya IP Office Control Unit LEDs. The LEDs on the rear of the control unit go through the following sequence during a normal start up sequence. Note: Times are approximate.


Avaya IP Office hardware startup indicator light description.


IP Office Control Unit LEDs. These are the LED descriptions after the control unit has booted up.

Avaya IP Office control units LED description.


IP Office Base Card LEDs

Avaya IP Office base card LED descriptions.


Avaya IP Office Trunk Daughter Card LEDs

Avaya IP Office trunk card LED descriptions.


About Avaya

Avaya is a worldwide communications company known for its enterprise communications systems. The company provides Unified Communications, Contact Centers, Data solutions and related services directly and through its Channel partners.  Starting as At&t, the company that would become Avaya, was part of Lucent Technologies.  In 2000 Lucent decided to spin off a portion of their business that became Avaya, which later bought a large part of failed Nortel.  Today Avaya distributes their licensed business phone systems through dealers.