Comdial (Vertical) manuals for DX-80 and DX-120 phone systems.


Here you will find Comdial manuals for the DX-80 and DX-120 phone systems, along with the Edge telephones.  For more Comdial phone system manuals see our Comdial Phone Manuals 1.  (Note: Some of the DX-120 systems and telephones will display the manufacturer's name Vertical. These small business telephone systems were digital, see below for more information about the cahnge over from Comdial to Vertical.)

Comdial (Vertical)



Comdial DX-80 Tech Manual Vol 1 Installation and Maintenance
Comdial DX-80 Tech Manual Vol 2 Programming
Comdial DX-80 Superviors Guide
Edge 120 Digital Executive Telephone Users Guide


Best Prices for the DX-80 7260 Telephone

Puzzle piece.


Comdial-DX-120 Installation and Maintenance Manual Vol 1
Comdial DX-120 Programming Technical Manual Vol 2
Edge DX-80 Digital Executive Telephone Users Guide

Best price for a Comdial/Vertical DX-120 7261 Telephone

Keyvoice (Debut)

Comdial Key Voice Debut and Lite System Supervisor Guide

About Comdial and the DX120 & DX80

Comdial Corporation was taken over by Vertical after it declared bankruptcy.  The DX phone systems were popular at the time and were continued to be manufactured and sold.  The DX-120 systems can be found with both the Vertical and Comdial names on them, as well as the DX-120 telephone popular handset, the 7261.