Avaya Partner (aka at&t Partner) Installation and Programming Guides, Telephone

Partner phone systems have been around for a long time and were made under first at&t and then later under Avaya.   These phone systems are plentiful and still handle many companies' communications throughout the world.  We have listed below some of the ACS guides as well as the Partner II and the Partner Mail.  For the very best price on a Partner phone: Avaya Partner MLS 12D Display Telephone Black

A note about the popular Partner 18d Phone:

The popular Avaya Partner 18D phone and the Avaya Partner 18D series II phones are similar with no difference. And if your wondering about the Avaya Euro 18d phone the name doesn't mean it has to be used in Europe. The Series II Partner 18D telephone was manufactured after the Partner Euro 18D and has a more modern look, that's all. Both phones share the same overall functions and behave the same and can be interchanged on the same phone system.

Avaya Partner


AT&T / Avaya Partner ACS, Partner II, Partner Plus and Mail

Partner ACS R 2-0 Programming and Use  3803 KB
Partner ACS R 6-0 Installation Programming and Use  5992 KB
Partner ACS R 7 Installation Programming And Use  6013 KB
Partner ACS User Guide 5-0  149 KB
Partner II R 3-1 Programming and Use  1726 KB
Partner Installation And Use  736 KB
Partner Mail VS R 3 Installation and Programming  2889 KB
Partner Mail VS R 3 Users Guide  68 KB
Partner Plus-Partner II Programming Quick Reference  314 KB

Avaya Partner Telephone Guides

Partner Phone- How to Use Your Phone  148 KB
Avaya Partner- How to Use Your Partner Phone  89 KB

About the Partner Phone System

Avaya and AT&T manufactured the Partner Phone System for many years.  AT&T became Avaya and depending on the age of your Partner system it could say AT&T or Avaya.  The guides will also say both, so an Avaya Partner's manual may have been labeled under the AT&T Partner.