Bizfon phone manuals, 2000, 4000, 7000 and Biztouch


Below you can download guides and manuals for the Bizfon 680, Bizfon 2000 & 4000, and Bizfon 7000, including the Administration Guide, as well as the Biztouch.



Bizfon 680 Administraion Guide
Bizfon Headset Guide
Bizfon Owners Guide Rev A
Bizfon 680 Voicemail Wallet Card
Bizfon 680 Personnel Settings Wallet Card
Bizfon 680 Conference Phone 1000 Guide
Bizfon 680 Setting Up and Using Multi-Tenant
Bizfon 680 Owners Guide Rev B
Bizfon 680 Quick Reference CardBizfon business phone systems; program your phones with one of PBX Mechanic's manuals.
Bizfon 680 Quick Start Card
Bizfon 680 3.1 Upgrade
Bizfon Reference Card for Non-Bizfon Telephones
Bizfon 680 Administrator’s Guide Ver 2
Bizfon 680 Owner's Guide 2
Bizfon 680 Quick Start Guide

2000 & 4000

Bizfon 2000 Data Sheet
Bizfon 2000 - 4000 Installation Guide
Bizfon 2000 Manual III Extension User’s Guide
Bizfon 4000 Data Sheet
Bizfon 4000 Manual II Administrator’s Guide


Bizfon 7000 Backing Up and Restoring Data Guide
Bizfon 7000 Phone and Voicemail User Guide

Bizfon 7000 Planning and Installation Guide
Bizfon 7000 Service and Troubleshooting Guide rev 5.2
Bizfon 7000 System Administration Guide rel 5.2
Bizfon 7000 User Guide BizTouch IP2
Bizfon 7000 X-Lite Counterpath Softphone Configuration


Bizfon Biztouch Phone Reference Card
Bizfon Biztouch Phone Reference Feature Card
Bizfon Biztouch Call Mode Reference Booklet
Bizfon 680 Biztouch 3 Line Mode Reference Booklet
Bizfon 680 Biztouch 3 Call Mode Reference Booklet


About Bizfon

Bizfon, Inc. develops and markets full featured, affordable phone systems for the SOHO (small office/home office) market.  Founded in 1996 Bizfon started by acquiring Foto-Fone.  These complete "Plug-and-Play" phone system that includes Voice Mail, Automated Attendant, Call Forwarding, Caller ID, Music on Hold, and more features directed at the small business market.  Each Bizfon unit supports 6 phone lines and 8 extensions and can be expanded to 24 lines and 32 extensions.