Inter-Tel phone manuals for Axxess, GLX, MPK and others


Inter-Tel, now part of Mitel, had several business phone systems and were very popular some years ago.  These legacy phone manuals and guides are here for download for the telecom professional and owners who need some guidance when programming or making changes on their Intertel system.  Below you can download the Intertel Axxess, Encore, and GLX guides. Intertel Axxess Phones & Handsets

Inter-Tel Telephone and system manuals.


Inter-Tel Axxess

Folders of telephone guides.
Inter-Tel Axxess Administrators Guide  2811 KB
Inter-Tel Axxess Desktop OAI Developers Toolkit V2.0  12481 KB
Inter-Tel Axxess Executive Keyset Guide  667 KB
Inter-Tel Axxess IMX Keyset Guide  452 KB
Inter-Tel Axxess Issue 4.3 Addendum  659 KB
Inter-Tel Axxess Quick Reference Guide  92 KB
Inter-Tel Axxess Single Line Guide  452 KB
Inter-Tel Axxess Standard and Basic Guide  721 KB
Inter-Tel Axxessory Talk Voicemail User Guide  874 KB

Inter-Tel Encore

Inter-Tel Encore Installation Manual  3675 KB
Inter-Tel Encore User Guide  315 KB

Inter-Tel GLX, GLX PLUS, GX, & IMX

Inter-Tel GLX Keyset  595 KB
Inter-Tel GLX Owners Guide  2075 KB
Inter-Tel GLX-PLUS Installation and Field Maintenance Manual  10346 KB
Inter-Tel GLX Standard Keyset  595 KB
Inter-Tel GMX-152D  66 KB
Inter-Tel GMX 48 Installation & Maintenance Manual  34650 KB
Inter-Tel GX Keyset 1user Card  523 KB
Inter-Tel GX Keyset 2  357 KB
Inter-Tel GX Owners Guide  7027 KB
Inter-Tel IMX GMX 256 832 Attendant Computer Console Manual  7117 KB
Inter-Tel IMX GMX Installation and Field Maintenance Manual  19013 KB
Inter-Tel IMX GMX 416 832 Installation and Field Maintenance Manual  54019 KB
Inter-Tel Inside Track User Guide Issue 2  744 KB
Inter-Tel IVX 500 Installation and Field Maintenance Manual  14821 KB
Inter-Tel MPK I & MPK II  53 KB
Inter-Tel Phoenix 824 Installation and Field Maintenance Manual  12372 KB
Inter-Tel 1232 Keyset  273 KB

How to change the time and date on Inter-Tel telephones.

About Inter-Tel

Inter-Tel was a company, traded on the NASDAQ, that developed and produced telephone business systems.  Mitel Networks Corporation and Inter-Tel merged in 2007 and Inter-Tel became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mitel.