Iwatsu phone manuals

Below we have some of the Iwatsu Adix and Omega manuals and guides for download.  See which phone is the right one for your system:  Iwatsu phones at the Very Best Prices and Best Quick Delivery Service




Iwatsu Adix

Iwatsu ADIX CallExpress 3 Installation Manual  406 KB
Iwatsu ADIX Integration Information  48 KB
Iwatsu ADIX VS v1-3 Owners Manual  516 KB
Iwatsu ADIX VS Installation and Programming Technical Manual  1873 KB

Iwatsu ADIX-M EVM Programming Manual  87 KB
Iwatsu ADIX VS R1.3 Owners Manual  516 KB
Iwatsu Omega-Phone

Iwatsu Omega-Phone II BT 1530 - 2250 Installation & Maintenance Manual  7500 KB
Iwatsu Omega-Voice III ET-2460 Installation And Service Manual  8603 KB
Iwatsu Omega-Phone IV System 1232 - 2464 Installation, Programming & Maintenance Manual  7501 KB 
Iwatsu Omega-Phone IV EX-824, 1648CM & EX-1648EM Installation Manual  5312 KB
Iwatsu Omega-Voice VMI Mailbox User Quick Reference Guide  31 KB
Iwatsu Omega-Voice VMI Menu Operation Flowchart  792 KB



Iwatsu Electric Company

Iwatsu Electric CO.,LTD. is a Japanese firm that specializes in the production and sales of information, communication, and electronic equipment. Founded in 1938 they produced a Digital key telephone system in the past.