Iwatsu phone manuals, including Adix and Omega

Below we have some of the Iwatsu Adix and Omega manuals and guides for download.  See which phone is the right one for your system:  Iwatsu phones at the Very Best Prices and Best Quick Delivery Service




Iwatsu Adix

Iwatsu ADIX CallExpress 3 Installation Manual  406 KB
Iwatsu ADIX Integration Information  48 KB
Iwatsu ADIX VS v1-3 Owners Manual  516 KB
Iwatsu ADIX VS Installation and Programming Technical Manual  1873 KB

Iwatsu ADIX-M EVM Programming Manual  87 KB
Iwatsu ADIX VS R1.3 Owners Manual  516 KB
Iwatsu Omega-Phone

Iwatsu Omega-Phone II BT 1530 - 2250 Installation & Maintenance Manual  7500 KB
Iwatsu Omega-Voice III ET-2460 Installation And Service Manual  8603 KB
Iwatsu Omega-Phone IV System 1232 - 2464 Installation, Programming & Maintenance Manual  7501 KB 
Iwatsu Omega-Phone IV EX-824, 1648CM & EX-1648EM Installation Manual  5312 KB
Iwatsu Omega-Voice VMI Mailbox User Quick Reference Guide  31 KB
Iwatsu Omega-Voice VMI Menu Operation Flowchart  792 KB


Iwatsu Electric Company

Iwatsu Electric CO.,LTD. is a Japanese firm that specializes in the production and sales of information, communication, and electronic equipment. Founded in 1938 they produced a Digital key telephone system in the past.