Samsung officeserv phone manuals for the 7100, 7200 & 7400


Samsung OfficeServ phone manuals

Samsung makes several newer PBX systems including the Officeserv 7100, the Officeserv 7200 and the larger enterprise Officeserv 7400.  Here you are the phone manuals for the Samsung OfficeServ 7100, a popular PBX system and the telephone manual guides for two of the phones, as well as the manuals for the 7200 and Officeserv 7400.  You will also fing a manual for configuring SIP trunks on any of the OfficeServ models. We also have the older iDCS manuals including the iDCS100 and iDCS500.  Need more phones for your system?  Then this may be what you're looking for: Samsung iDCS 18D Digital Telephone

Samsung OfficeServ 7100

OfficeServ 7100 General Description  2024 KB
OfficeServ 7100 Sales Brochure 604 KB
OfficeServ 7100 Installation Manual  4484 KB
OfficeServ 7100 Programming Manual  9363 KBB
OfficeServ 7100 User Instructions Guide  4412 KBB
OfficeServ Operator Brochure  630 KBB
OfficeServ SoftPhone Sales Brochure  2604 KB
Samsung OfficeServ DS 24 Button Telephone Brochure  961 KBB
Samsung OfficeServ DS5000 Keyset Phone Brochure  1354 KB
Samsung Hospitality Admin Users Guide  220 KB
Samsung Hospitality Solutions Brochure  204 KB

OfficeServ SIP Trunking Manual  263 KB

Samsung OfficeServ 7200

OfficeServ 7200 General Description  2088 KB 
OfficeServ 7200 Sales Brochure  351 KB 
OfficeServ 7200 Installation Manual  2062 KB
OfficeServ 7200 Programming Manual  2062 KB
OfficeServ 7200 User Guide  3372 KB

Samsung OfficeServ 7400

OfficeServ 7400 General Description  2340 KB 
OfficeServ 7400 Installation Manual  3458 KB
OfficeServ 7400 Programming Manual  3381 KB
OfficeServ 7400 User Instructions  4248 KB


 Mike's PBX tips:  Default passwords for Samsung OfficeServ 7100, 7200 and 7400.


About Samsung Electronics

Samsung is a Korean conglomerate and is the world’s biggest IT manufacturer.  Samsung's PBX phone systems are but one part of this worldwide enterprise.  Their phone systems have been solid performers as business communications systems and are sold through a dealer network.  The OfficeServ was one of their recent releases with models that start with the Officeserv 7100 and grow to the 7200 and then the Enterprise 7400.