Samsung phone manuals for DS, DCS, iDCS100 and iDCS500


Samsung PBX Manuals and Guides

Samsung makes several newer PBX systems including the Officeserv 7100, 7200 and the larger enterprise OfficeServ 7400.  Here you have phone manuals for the precursors, the Samsung DS, DCS and popular iDCS100 and iDCS500 PBX systems.  Many of these phones are still driving the communications for small to medium companies today. Find most of the DCS user guides for download including many of the Samsung DCS hotel phone system guides.

Samsung DS Manuals

Samsung DS 24D Keyset User Guide  168 KB
Samsung DS 616 General Description Guide  486 KB
Samsung DS 616 Standard Telephone User Guide  86 KB
Samsung DS 616 System Administration Guide  112 KB

Samsung DCS Manuals

Samsung DCS AutoAttendant & UCD Administration Guide  85 KB
Samsung DCS Compact Falcon User Guide  553 KB
Samsung DCS Compact General Description Guide  1710 KB
Samsung DCS Compact Prostar Key Set User Guide  5630 KB
Samsung DCS Hotel Motel Administration Guide  105 KB
Samsung DCS Hotel Motel General Description Guide  5818 KB
Samsung DCS Hotel Operator System Administration Guide  109 KB
Samsung DCS 50si AutoAttendant & UCD Administration Guide  98 KB
Samsung DCS 50si Falcon User Guide  555 KB
Samsung DCS 50si System Administration Special Features Guide  134 KB
Samsung DCS 400si General Description Guide  2161 KB
Samsung DCS 400si Keyset User Guide  256 KB
Samsung DCS 400si System Administration and Special Features Guide  104 KB

Samsung iDCS 100 Manuals

Samsung iDCS100 AutoAttendant & UCD Administration Guide  90 KB
Samsung iDCS100 General Description Guide  931 KB
Samsung iDCS100 Information Guide  358 KB
Samsung iDCS100 KeySet User Guide  373 KB
Samsung iDCS100 Standard Phone User Guide  72 KB
Samsung iDCS100 System Administration Guide  151 KB
Samsung iDCS100 System Features Guide  440 KB

Samsung iDCS 500 Manuals

Samsung iDCS500 AutoAttendant & UCD Administration Guide  85 KB
Samsung iDCS500 General Description Guide  4596 KB
Samsung iDCS500 Information Guide  4043 KB
Samsung iDCS500 KeySet User Guide  276 KB
Samsung iDCS500 Standard Phone User Guide  65 KB
Samsung iDCS500 System Administration Guide  149 KB

About Samsung Electronics

Samsung is a Korean conglomerate and is the world’s biggest IT maker.  Samsung's PBX phone systems are but one part of this worldwide enterprise.  Their phone systems have been solid performers as business communications systems and are sold through a dealer network.