Vodavi phone manuals for Callsort, Infinite, Infostar, & Pathfiner

Here you can download many of the Vodavi Communications phone system manuals such as the Discovery, Infinite and Infostar.  Included are the Discovery Technical Guide and the Infinite user and installation guides.  For the Vodavi manuals such as the VoiceTrak and the popular Starplus systems look at Vodavi Phone Manuals 2 where you can download those in PDF. Vodavi was taken over by Vertical Communications.    Vodavi Phones at the Very best Prices



Vodavi Callsort Pro Users Guide

Vodavi Discovery ACD User Guide
Vodavi Discovery IP Technical Guide

Vodavi Infinite 4096 Installation Guide
Vodavi Infinite DVX I & II Installation Guide
Vodavi Infinite DVX III Installation Guide
Vodavi Infinite GK816 Installation Guide
Vodavi Infinite SLT User Guide
Vodavi Infinite Station User Guide


Vodavi InfoStar VX2 Administration Guide
Vodavi Infostar VX2 Quick Reference Guide
Vodavi Infostar VX2 User Guide


Vodavi MiniVoice Administration & User Manual
Vodavi Pathfinder User Guide

About Vodavi Communications

Vodavi was founded in 1983 and made phone systems for 13 years after which in 2006 they were absorbed by Vertical Communications.  Vertical continues to manufacture some of the Vodavi systems and sells almost exclusively through a Value-Added Reseller program.  Many Vodavi systems still power small businesses communications needs.