Adix Installation Manual

136 page Adix VS Technical Manual by Iwatsu Telecommunications Products was written for the Omega-Phone™ ADIX-VS and includes System Preparation, System Specifications, Hardware Component Description and Station Equipment plus complete installation and programming information. Plus database programming access...

Iwatsu Adix phone system KSU.Iwatsu, a Japanese telephone manufacturer has been making phone systems and other electronic hardware since its founding in 1938. Iwatsu designed the Adix VS specifically to maintain an (at the time) advanced platform of communications for up to 14 stations (telephones). Many of these systems are still in use and handling the communication needs of small businesses. There are five different models of telephones that can be used with the ADIX, some of the more are popular are the X-MKT, X12KTS-3 and the IX-24 KTD-3. All of the Iwatsu phone models come in either black or white.

The Iwatsu Iwatsu - ADIX VS - all - Installation and Programming Manuals here to the download.

Download the Iwatsu - ADIX VS - all - Installation and Programming.pdf


Iwatsu - ADIX VS - all - Installation and Programming Manual.pdf


Here you can find additional guides for the Iwatsu Adix and Omega.


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