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Compare business phone systems hand dialing phone.Choosing the Right Business Phone System

The business phone system that you choose for your company needs to be matched to your company size and business model. It's essential the appropriate system improves communications for your customers and still handles the everyday needs of your employees.

A phone system should consistently convey a favorable impression to clients and for this reason alone should be given careful consideration when making a purchase.

Top Business Phone System Brands on the Market_

Whether you're looking to replace an older existing phone system or require a completely new communication solution, you'll find the best business phone systems that match your needs and budget. These PBX company systems have received the best ratings from users.

Our top eight telecom companies produce many of the leading business phone solutions available. From NEC, a decidedly capable PBX to a high-end ShoreTel. (Currently owned by Mitel, although still available refurbished from suppliers, as well as new from Mitel.) These PBXs are all highly rated.

These are the top rated on premise business phone system companies

With so many phone system choices, it's easy to get overwhelmed. Some might be appropriate for your business. Some may not. A telecom professional can guide you to the most suitable solution.

Each of these business phone system manufacturers constantly receives the highest reviews and has been deployed in many businesses worldwide. Some offer systems that are considered high-end, like ShoreTel (presently owned by Mitel) and Cisco, both capable of scaling for enterprise-sized organizations. Others offer more affordable smaller business systems tailored for efficiency and still scalable. These brands are today recognized leaders in the telecom industry with excellent reviews from the companies that utilize them.

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Different companies maintain unique requirements. A business phone system becomes a communication solution when it offers the right features at a price in your budget.

As a business owner looking for a new phone system, the amount of information may be overwhelming; however we’ve listed the top rated brands highlighting a few points.
That you can quickly scan.

Probably the most efficient solution is to compare quotes based on your needs. Take a minute to respond to a few straightforward questions to find the perfect telephone system for your business.

Best PBX Phone System for small Business

ShoreTel business phone system.Shoretel (now owned and manufactured as Mitel) IP-PBX servers offer advanced redundant enterprise scaled solutions for companies that want unified communications in a feature rich and highly rated on premise system solution.  brochure

  • High-end IP-PBX phone system. $$$ to $$$$
  • Found in mid-sized to large organizations (schools, medical offices, government agencies, call centers, etc.). Replaced by Mitel with the MiVoice Connect.


Samsung business phone system quote.Samsung offered their popular OfficeServ PBXs combining digital and IP telephones. Used in all types of businesses from legal offices to manufacturing facilities these PBXs can still be acquired as reconditioned systems. Samsung technical support for dealers ended, with warranty coverage finalizing in September, 2024. 7100 brochure

  • PBX phone system from small to large. $$
  • Found in small to mid-sized companies (offices, manufacturing facilities, engineering companies, etc.).


Cisco IP PBX business phone systems.

Cisco is known for their enterprise Unified Communications (UC) solutions that seamlessly bring your phone system and conferencing solutions together with messaging, chat and customer relationship apps. brochure

  • High-end IP phone system. $$$ to $$$$
  • Found in high volume, large organizations (schools, hospitals, government agencies, call centers, etc.).
  • On site technical staff a plus.


Zultys ip-pbx phone system.Zultys IP-PBXs are based on Open Standards and use SIP phones. These VoIP ready business phones unifies communication with advanced features. Built to bring together multiple communication needs the MX series are innovative, reliable and scalable. brochure

  • Feature rich VoIP ready phone system. $$
  • Found in small to medium sized businesses. (office environments, law offices, medical, etc.)


Avaya IP Office business phone system.Avaya's IP Office has remained one of the most popular unified communication (UC) on-site PBXs worldwide. Employing a combination of digital and IP telephones, it can work effectively for a small office to a large 500 user environment. Avaya has moved to cloud communications; however, there are many refurbished systems available form telecom dealers. brochure

  • Hybrid PBX phone system. $$ to $$$
  • Found in small to large companies (offices, call centers, manufacturing facilities, engineering companies, medical, etc.).


Allworx ip-pbx.Allworx Connect offers IP connectivity in an office environment and still connects up to your existing phone lines. Servers range from a small office model up to 180 user model. brochure

  • IP-PBX phone system from small to mid-size. $$
  • Found in small to mid-size companies (offices, manufacturing facilities, engineering companies, medical, etc.).


NEC business phone system quote.NEC offers several phone systems and has built a reputation of being a cost-effective business phone solution. The DSX is a well-liked, affordable small digital phone system that can connect directly to existing phone lines and connect to a SIP trunk for VoIP capabilities. DSX brochure

  • Phone systems that are both digital and IP. $ to $$
  • Found in small to mid-sized companies (business offices, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, etc.).


Grandstream IP-PBX VoIP phone system.Grandstream offers a line of UCM VoIP ready IP-PBX systems that can connect up to your existing phone lines. Based upon open source Asterisk using SIP phones the UCM offers a feature rich Unified Communication system with an intuitive GUI. brochure

  • Feature rich VoIP ready phone system. $$
  • Found in small to mid-sized companies (offices, manufacturing facilities, hospitality, call centers, etc.).
  • Good choice for in house management. $$

The best choice for your PBX phone system.Want to streamline the process and get a quote on the best business phone system for your needs? Just complete the few questions in the form above.

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