Grasshopper Virtual Phone System Review

Grasshopper Phone System- Best Virtual Phone Service to Use with your Mobile Phone in 2021

Grasshopper, a virtual phone system, is a "top choice" in 2021 for small, growing businesses, mobile entrepreneurs and real estate professionals, to name just a few.

Grasshopper remains our number one choice for an easy to setup virtual phone system with lots of options for entrepreneurs to present a professional image.

It provides micro businesses and entrepreneurs a uniquely designed communications system with a business phone number without the need for any new hardware, even a phone. That is because it is designed to use with your existing phone service, either a smart phone or an existing desk phone.

Young business people thumbs up for Grasshopper virtual phone system.

Grasshopper virtual phone system is designed to enhance your phone service, not to replace it. It adds professional business features that are convenient and easy to use.

Grasshopper's cloud system offers Android and iOS apps, as well as a desktop computer app, which allows a user to receive calls on their cell phone (or a desk phone) on their business number anywhere. Designed to never miss a call, Grasshopper indicates when an incoming call is business and then by using their easy to employ tools you can treat those calls uniquely.


The Grasshopper Virtual Phone system makes it easy to take your business to the next level of communications.

Business callers can receive a custom professional greeting and go to an attendant which then directs them to the exact department or person. It allows multiple incoming calls at the same time by sending them to another phone or employee, so your customers never have to experience another busy signal.

Features That Make Grasshopper Stand Out

  • Incoming Call Management: Allows you to easily customize how and when you receive business calls. Set business hours and an away greeting for other times. You can set up individual extensions to handle calls uniquely.
  • Business Texting: Send and receive unlimited texts from your business number.
  • Web-based Voicemail: Voicemail recordings arrive as MP3 attachments in your inbox. Every time you receive a message transcription automatically reconstructs voicemails to text, so you can then read them on your computer, iPhone, or Android device.
  • Virtual Phone Extensions: Using extensions allows automatic routing of calls to information or a department or an employee.
  • Voice Studio: Grasshopper makes it easy to record, upload or have professional recordings made. (An extra fee is required if you choose Grasshopper to record using a professional voice talent.)

Smart Features Designed for Business Flexibility

Great for real estate professionals, food trucks, and other highly mobile businesses. Grasshopper's virtual phone system is remarkably easy to set up and will make a small entrepreneur look and sound more professional. Grasshopper app on smart phone and/or a PC.Adding a "big company" feel and a level of sophistication will reflect positively on customers and allow easy management as business grows.

Grasshopper's service platform incorporates extensive cloud based call forwarding options and inbound faxing. Grasshopper business calls will always be able to be handled exactly as needed. Presenting a professional image will help establish an elevated level of professionalism and build a solid business brand. Your existing smart phone will become almost like two phones in one. Your business number is its own virtual inbound number. Your regular personnel phone number remains for your friends and family.


Grasshopper's 3 primary plans, Solo, Partner and Small Business all include the same features, but vary according to the number of virtual phone numbers and the number of extensions. They are priced as $26.00, $44.00 and $80.00 monthly (when paid annually).

Grasshopper's mobile app.Conclusion

We really like the cloud based apps, tools and ease of setup with Grasshopper. In a way, it's ideal for so many very small businesses because you're really not changing your phone system, but rather adding a virtual phone service. It's built to work with an existing phone service, either your smart phone service or perhaps another phone, something you're already using. The service really takes what you presently utilize and expands it to a totally new next level. Grasshopper rides on and primarily uses your current service provider’s cellular network for incoming and outgoing calls. Grasshopper does, however, offer both WiFi and VoIP Calling options, but they are not set as the default.
Use Grasshopper's mobile app for business calls and texts. Your personal calls and texts stay totally separate. The app manages both your personal and virtual business phone numbers on one phone. And it's very intuitive and easy to use. Their service regardless of which plan is well worth the price. Separating business calls from personal calls enhances a small entrepreneur's business.

Pros of Grasshopper Virtual Phone System
  • Well designed app. It's very easy to setup and manage.
  • Extensive array of call forwarding options for incoming calls. Time based conditions; decide when and how calls will be handled.
  • You get a professional business phone without the costly hardware.
  • All of Grasshopper's plans include unlimited minutes. Your app usage is restricted only by your carrier’s data plan.
  • Able to choose a vanity number.
  • You only need one phone for both personal and business, not two phones.
  • Grasshopper makes it easy to go completely mobile with their mobile app. Listen to voicemails, view faxes, and sign PDF and fax attachments with your fingers. Contacts will see your Grasshopper number on the Caller ID when you call using the app.
  • Business texting. Conveniently send and receive text messages on your business phone number rather than your personal number.
  • Voicemail transcription. Voicemails are transcribed to text so you can read them on your computer, iPhone, or Android device.
  • Lots of helpful advice, online tutorials and excellent support.
  • Must purchase yearly service for the best price.
  • No call recording.
  • Does not replace an existing phone service. Grasshopper's system is virtual and does not provide dial tone. It is designed to work with an existing phone service. Your everyday outgoing calls will have to remain with a local and/or long distance provider.
  • Cannot transfer a call accepted on your computer to your smart phone. (NOTE: Grasshopper is currently working on this.)

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