UniTel Voice Review

UniTel Voice Virtual Phone System Review

UniTel Voice, one of the most affordable robust virtual phone systems for entrepreneurs to run and grow their business.

UniTel Voice virtual phone system for start-up companies.UniTel Voice is an affordable virtual business phone service designed for entrepreneurs and small start-ups. It's a cloud and mobile-based platform designed to forward your toll-free, local or vanity business number to a virtual auto-attendant. This enables customers to choose extensions (users) based on time and business needs. It permits small business owners or teams to use existing cell phones and still maintain all the power of a professional business telephone system. Incorporating an assortment of advanced business PBX phone system features, UniTel Voice implements a communication solution for those desiring a more businesslike way to handle customers. It's fast and easy to set up. Users find they instantly establish a professional image by adding a separate local or toll-free business number to an existing home, office or cell phone. Outbound business cell phone calls will display the business number as caller ID. After hours, your business will still accept calls incorporating a special greeting, call forwarding and business voicemail.

UniTel Voice Plans, Features and Monthly Pricing

Unitel isn’t overcomplicated, rather it's perfectly suited for small businesses. And they are there with one-on-one support.

Unitel Voice app with an incoming call.UniTel Voice maintains four plans. Each plan includes one local (USA or Canada) or toll-free number that you select when creating your account. Additional numbers can be added for $5/mo. Plans incorporate a substantial core set of 28 PBX features, with the office plan adding collaboration tools like presence indicator and team messaging. Key features include virtual auto attendant, call announcement, unlimited call handling, department and employee extensions, call scheduling, voicemail to email, send and receive faxes, call logs, call recording, call blocking and on-hold music. Plans have been designed to allow users to move to a more enhanced version as their business grows. There is no requirement for a long-term contract and plans can be changed at anytime. Setup is quick and straightforward; they'll even do it for you.

Developing a business often entails the use of more sophisticated features. For users who find themselves in that position now or in the future, UniTel's Voice platform establishes itself as a ready-made communications system.

UniTel Voice message app on desktop and mobile.

Instant Message & Share Files.
Simplify collaboration utilizing the Office Plan’s team messaging. Drag and drop files right into chats across desktop and mobile. Update everyone in a room chat or instant messaging team members one-on-one.

UniTel Voice Reviews, Pros and Cons- Review Conclusion

UniTel Voice provides a top-rated, robust, affordable virtual phone system for start-up businesses and dispersed teams.

The Office Plan is an outstanding choice for small teams and start-ups. You'll be able to message members and collaborate by dragging and dropping files right into chats.

UniTel Voice stands out in several ways from their competition in the virtual phone service space. What currently sets UniTel Voice apart is offering an unlimited plan that allows unlimited users. Other virtual phone companies require a more expensive plan once you hit a maximum number of extensions. Not having to pay more to add another extension is likely to become a significant difference for a small, growing business needing to manage expenses. Further cost savings can be realized as UniTel Voices' platform doesn’t require any additional hardware. At the modest cost of $24.99/mo. even the most frugal small start-up that retains a dispersed team won't feel any financial pinch. That could be a critical factor when exploring which service should represent their leading choice.

Most new businesses owners regularly state they require a straightforward, businesslike way to professionally handle their customer's calls. UniTel Voice's service delivers a robust virtual business PBX service and more at a decidedly affordable price. The platform thoroughly incorporates all the essential features that any micro-business might require.
Calls are routed and handled professionally within minutes of creating an account. UniTel Voice's live customer support takes pride in delivering impressive customer service. New customers are offered a free concierge setup; configuration is completed over the phone at no cost. They'll even ensure your business presents a polished image using a professionally recorded greeting from their Voice Talent Studio using human voice talents at no cost. A popular competitor requires an extra fee for this service. Employing three plans, UniTel Voice has designed each progressively so that as a new business grows, they can move to another one seamlessly. They have unquestionably established an affordable, reliable virtual phone system that enables entrepreneurs to manage and advance their business.

With UniTel Voice, anyone can incorporate a professional cloud-based virtual business phone system instantly that connects their team members and customers.

All in all, UniTel Voice rates as a leading choice for a micro-business virtual phone service. UniTel Voice reviews: capterra: 4.4 out of 5 with 27 reviews1.

UniTel Voice virtual phone system.UniTel Voice delivers a complete virtual phone system designed for a new business to quickly handle calls professionally. Within minutes of signing up for their service, users will be able to manage business customers in an entirely more skillful manner.

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1The number of reviews were as of 3/22/2024.

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