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Hosted VoIP salesman reviews best three IP phones.Top Three VoIP Desk Phones

Reviews of three affordable IP desk phones to use with a cloud based business phone system are based on great sound quality, easy deployment, and intuitive navigation of features.

Top phone choices for a hosted VoIP deployment should include a solid feature set, be durable and a have proven track record. An attractive phone with ease of navigation that will maintain your budget.

Our three top IP desk phones are the Polycom VVX 501, the Polycom VVX 250 (now Poly) and the Yealink T46S. All three have been picked because they offer outstanding value, excellent quality and a robust number of features. The first two from Poly are the VVX 501, a business media phone to integrate with your apps, and the second the VVX 250, a business IP phone that offers a low price without sacrificing the features that you would want.
Our third pick is the T46S from Yeastar, a popular choice from their highly rated advanced T series line.

PoE or Power Supply. For a new deployment installing a PoE switch and using PoE phones has advantages. For home offices, or if you do not have a PoE switch, make sure to get phones that come with a power supply.

When choosing a cloud based phone service there are a number of different IP phones to choose from. The Polycom VVX 501 and the Yealink T46S both offer advanced features and attractive navigation. The Polycom VVX 250 offers a value conscious user an option to keep prices low without giving up necessary options. All three of our top three phone choices offer outstanding quality, are easy to install and configure, and will keep your budget where it needs to be.

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Top Three Business Desk Phones for a Hosted VoIP Deployment

Polycom VVX 501

Polycom VVX 501 Media phone.

  • 12 Line appearances
  • 3.5" 320 x 240 color LCD touch screen
  • 2 RJ45 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports
  • 2 USB 2.0

Polycom VVX 501 Review

Polycom's VVX 501, a premium business media phone with a color 3.5” LCD screen is designed for UC management. With a touch screen interface, the 501 also serves as an application platform and supports the use of expansion modules to show which co-workers are on the phone. With integration with Microsoft Outlook calendar users can access their schedules while talking to a client.

VVX homescreen.

The intuitive menu design is built upon behavior common to mobile phones and navigation is easy and comfortable which reduces new users need for training. Deployment of these phones is easy and when matched with a top rated hosted VoIP provider, the phones will be up and employees will be back to work in no time.


Polycom VVX 501 is intuitive and users will like the navigation. The speakerphone delivers high quality voice without echo or distortion.

Polycom VVX 501 Datasheet

Polycom VVX 501, 12 Line, PoE

Polycom VVX 250

Polycom VVX 250 phone.

  • 4 Lines
  • 2.8" 320 x 240 color LCD screen
  • 2 RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Built-in USB port

Polycom VVX 250 Review

The Polycom VVX 250 business IP phone has exceptional voice quality and will deliver years of reliable performance. Ergonomically attractive with a color screen users will find these phones offer the most widely used features offered, intuitively reducing the time invested learning how to navigate features and functions. While on the phone "Fence technology" keeps their business conversations free from extraneous noises,
echoes and distractions.


The Polycom VVX 250 Business IP phone is an outstanding value with most of the features you'd want. For those looking to keep down costs on a new hosted VoIP installation the VVX 250 is a top choice. With excellent voice quality and Fence technology to make conversations even better it is a great choice for a small office or a large company environment.

Polycom VVX 250 Datasheet

Polycom VVX250

Yealink SIP‑T46S

Yealink SIP-46S IP phone.

  • 16 Lines
  • 4.3" color LCD 480 x 272 High Resolution screen
  • Dual-port Gigabit Ethernet
  • Built-in USB port

Yealink SIP‑T46S Review

Yealink's T46S phone offers a faster, quick response interface. It incorporates Optima HD voice technology and the Opus wide-band codec for crystal clear voice quality. The speakerphone has been improved in the T46S and also incorporates "hearing aid compatible" (HAC), so that a person with hearing loss can hear more clearly.

Yealink T46S IP phone's user interface display.

Yealink's T46S is has a user interface optimized for a smart-phone user experience and the soft keys can easily be customized. Up to six expansion models can be attached, for as many as 240 additional buttons.


Yealink's T46S phone is well priced, well designed and offers a slew of features. Elegant and ergonomically efficient, users will find that this phone offers crystal clear communications and will be a great choice for their hosted VoIP deployment.

Yealink SIP-T46S Datasheet

Yealink SIP-T46S IP Phone

Final Notes

There are many superb choices when it comes to IP phones that are available on the direct market. Our choices of the three best IP phones to use with a cloud based PBX provider have all shown to be highly rated by users, have been tested for compatibility for most hosted VoIP companies*, and come form companies that have excelled in great phone products. *When deciding on the best phone for your phone system, it's best to routinely check with your provider to make sure the phone is compatible with their platform.

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