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Using top new hotel phone system.Hospitality businesses, like hotels and motels, require phone systems that offer integration with their business applications and improve customer experiences. In busy hotel environments a communications system needs to integrate with hospitality applications so that staff can focus on being productive and managing guest experiences. From small economy hotels to large resorts, guests often rate experiences such as ease of interaction with staff and communication as a top factor. Good communication is essential for a successful hotel with the phone system and hospitality apps laying the foundation for that success. By streamlining services and optimizing staff productivity hotels can improve services and maximize guest experience.

"Driving hotel operation efficiencies and enhanced guest services are not only a result of a strong, reliable and state-of-the-art communication solutions; it consists of many more supporting products and applications." NEC Smart Hospitality

An integrated hotel phone system should make a positive impression to customers and be easy and intuitive to use, for both customers and staff. Whether you're looking to replace an older existing phone system or require a totally new communication solution, you will find the best business phone systems available that match your needs and budget.

Top Hospitality Hotel/Motel Business Phone System Brands on the Market_

These are the top rated Hospitality business phone system companies

Each of these hospitality business phone system manufacturers constantly receive the best reviews and have been deployed in many hotels in the US and worldwide. Some offer both cloud based, as well as on-premise solutions.
Mitel is the industry market leader and considered high-end. Phonesuite is perhaps second in USA market share with excellent affordable solutions.
Past brands, such as Comdial, Hitachi, and Nortel were once common in hotels, but are no longer. Comdial went bankrupt, Hitachi stopped making their systems, and Nortel after bankruptcy and purchase by Avaya really fell out of the hospitality market.

These brands below are today's recognized leaders in hospitality phone systems with excellent ratings from the hotels that use them.

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Many hotels have similar needs, but have different requirements. A hospitality business phone system becomes the right solution when it's tailored to meet your needs at a price in your budget.

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Mitel Hospitality Applications HotelMitel is the market and industry leader in the hospitality industry for several decades. Their Hospitality Applications Suite offers state of the art applications that are among the highest rated. Mitel's Call Management supports the use of traditional and IP communications (fixed and wireless), allowing hoteliers to benefit from IP communications and still keep their traditional telephony.  brochure

  • High-end, both on-premise and cloud. $$$ to $$$$
  • Found in small to large hotels (Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott, Starwood Hotels, etc.).


Phonesuite hotel phone systems.A leader in hospitality solutions Phonesuite offers both a Cloud PBX and a traditional On-Premise PBX. Known particularly for their more traditional affordable PBX solutions, they are easy to implement and integrate with existing hotel and property management applications. These cost effective systems are reliable and have been installed in thousands of locations. Their two main products are the Phonesuite64 PBX for up to 60 rooms and the 112E for up to 450 rooms. Phonesuite64 brochure   Phonesuite 112E brochure

  • Both on-premise and cloud solutions. $$$
  • Found in small to large hotels (Holiday Inn, IHG, Crowne Plaza, Best Western, Hilton, Marriott, etc.).

NEC SMART Hospitality business phone system quote.NEC's SMART Hospitality Solutions are highly regarded and deployed in hotels worldwide. By offering both on-premise (appliance or virtualized models) and off-premise cloud systems NEC can deliver the right solution for just one or a chain of hotels. Their SMART Hospitality suite offer State-of-the art Operator and Guest Reservation Solutions, plus applications that make a business run smoothly. brochure
For two-three star hotels NEC's InHOTEL* management system is a cost effective solution. brochure

  • Both on-premise and cloud solutions. $$ to $$$$
  • Found in small to large hotels (Hilton, Mandarin Oriental, Marriott, Peninsula, Starwood). *InHOTEL found in many hotels up to 120 rooms worldwide.


TransTel hotel phone system.Transtel's TDS Lodging Series is a good choice for small to medium sized hotels and offers seamless integration of front desk and guest features. With competitive pricing Transtel is an excellent choice for an independent brand hotel looking to upgrade from an older, outdated system. brochure

  • Hybrid digital IP-PBX phone system. $$
  • Found in small to large hotels (Holiday Inn, Best Western, Aston International, etc.).

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