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  • ITEXPO- The Business Technology Event
    February 14-17, 2023
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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Ooma Office Phone Service, a Top Choice for 2023


Communications specialist.

Best Cloud-based PBX Phone System for 2023- Ooma Office

Ooma is a popular cloud-based business phone system that provides an outstanding variety of over 50 features and pricing options to meet the needs of most small and medium-sized businesses.
One of the standout features of Ooma is its virtual assistant, which allows you to customize a professional greeting for incoming calls. This advances your business by delivering calls to the proper person or department without the need to transfer, even when no one is available to answer the phone. Likewise its platform maintains...


Digital Nomads Discover the Best Virtual Phone Service


Manager discusses digital nomads and their phone systems.

Digital Nomads Benefit from the Right Virtual Phone Service

The last several years have seen a considerable movement towards remote online workers and online entrepreneurs. Working from home has increased exponentially in just the last two years. This transformation has given rise to migrations to more desirable places, often measured as a place where a better lifestyle and a more moderate cost of living exists. There is no difference if a person is twenty miles from the office, or a thousand, if they don't have to be there physically.
Now a many live in other countries...


Good Used On-premise PBX Systems Are Bargains


PBX salesman for used refurbished systems.

Reconditioned On-premise Phone systems are leading choices

Over the last two years, many local small companies have upgraded their traditional on-premise phone systems to a cloud-based communications platform. One chief motivation came about from the need to easily support remote at-home workers. As a consequence, a number of good used on-premise PBX phone systems have recently become present on the market, many of which are merely three to five years old. Systems that fall into this category are often significantly more robust and in better shape than many existing in-use systems. And they often incorporate considerable...


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