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Now is a Really Good time for an on-premise Phone System


On-premise PBX specialist.

December is a great month to get a phone system.

On-premise phone systems can deliver a tax advantage to small businesses because they are considered qualifying equipment (Section 179). Businesses get to deduct the full purchase price of qualifying equipment, which includes a phone system.

That's why many business owners decide December is a perfect time to shop and purchase an ungraded phone system. Basically, section 179 allows a write off on the entire equipment purchase price for the year the business buys it.

For small brick-and-mortar businesses, an on-premise PBX is a leading choice. These five questions...


4 Affordable Hospitality Phone Systems for Budget Hotels


Manager discusses the best cheap VoIP phone systems.

affordable Phone Systems for Hotels on a budget exist.

The hotel phone system remains an integral part of improving room management, energy efficiency, and guest-friendly amenities. Nonetheless, too many two-star and three-star hotels are still operating old, antiquated phone systems.

However, that is rapidly changing as hoteliers are discovering several affordable hospitality phone systems that won't exceed their budget.
Managers that update the hotel's phone system repeatedly experience improvements in customer ratings, increasing occupancy rates and revenues.
The following four hotel phone systems...


many businesses Prefer an On-premises PBX System


PBX salesman for used refurbished systems.

On-premises Phone systems Remain the leading choice

We continually read about the industry expansion of UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service), i.e. cloud-based communication services. However, on-premises PBX systems still retain over 50% of the market.

Large enterprise-sized organizations underwent the expansion into cloud-based solutions over the last few years as they initiated replacements of older systems in a direct response to worker dislocations. Maintaining large remote work forces is much easier by utilizing cloud-based solutions. It's undeniable that both on-premise PBXs and now cloud-based services can scale to just about any sized solution. Despite that now cloud-based services can go really big, market growth...


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