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VirtualPBXVirtualPBX integrated app.

An Integrated Video App Remains a Must Have for 2021


Salesman engaged in a video meeting from home.

Video has become essential in a businesses' core communication requirements

More changes in business communications have occurred over the last year than during the previous decade. The changes have been due to social distancing, remote workers and specifically virtual business meetings. It's actually not so much the technology advancements, they have been steadily progressing year after year; it's the way everyone now perceives a having a meeting. It is and should remain a virtual video event as we go forward. And though we see increases on the horizon for business travel...


What to Expect for 2021 with Communications


What to expect for 2021 and communications.

Multichannel communications and Mobility Remain in the Forefront for Innovative Solutions

As we move into 2021, we can expect an extended migration from older phone systems toward enhanced unified communications solutions. This shift will advance work processes from individual compartmentalized components into an integrated system that offers several communication channels to exchange information. Video has developed into a fundamental requirement for many businesses that depend on team collaboration from home based workers. This trend is...


Hotels are gauging technology advantages


Hotel manager talks about how hotels are upgrading their phone systems.

Hospitality Managers are Upgrading Technology

As the hospitality industry temporarily reels with in-place social distancing many hotel owners and operators are taking the opportunity to review their systems and implement changes that are compelling. With an emphasis on improving telecommunications and advanced hospitality systems some owners have engaged in investigating the costs associated with system enhancements. One item that is at the top of many manager's lists is to strengthen portions of their technology systems that might have lagged.