7 Reasons to Move to a Cloud Phone System

Why many Small Businesses Choose Cloud Based PBX Service

Hosted VoIP (Cloud Based Phone Communication) phone services are currently replacing many older more antiquated business PBX phone systems. Reasons vary, however, business owners regularly state that living with a phone system that lacks the capabilities and flexibility to quickly setup and support remote employees and integrate with crucial applications has hampered how they want to do business.

In the past PBX hardware typically had long depreciation cycles because the phones and software did not change. After VoIP, phones, features and applications started evolving rapidly, reducing life expectancy.

Business VoIP phone system.On-premise PBX systems have provided companies with an essential communications system for a long time. And some businesses will continue to determine them to be a preferred solution. However, many small business owners currently require more innovative technology and appreciate the need to retain the capability to rapidly adapt to changing environments. And they realize it is frequently the seven or nine year old PBX that turns out to be the limiting factor that hinders business flexibility.
Workforces have gone mobile, and no matter what changes are likely to occur in the future, one that's expected to continue is that many employees will remain remote workers. UCaaS (Unified Communication as a Service) sales skyrocketed nearly 88% during the massive shift to working from home in March, 20201. Since that date, small business owners have recognized the number one advantage of a cloud-based phone system is the simplicity of implementing a dispersed workforce.

Digital transformation is the process of adopting digital tools and technology to improve efficiencies or renovate existing processes.

Business technologies have likewise evolved (i.e., digital transformation). Customers now routinely expect multichannel communications including chat from the companies they do business with. To remain competitive establishments understand the increasing requirement to stay current with advances in communications.
Clearly, the original designers of earlier PBX systems couldn't have foreseen the rapid evolution of video conferencing and the demand to connect mobile workers. Or the importance to integrate phones with cloud-based business apps, like CRM, chat or file sharing.

Early on, lower call costs represented the primary reason to switch to a hosted VoIP service; however, an on-premise PBX incorporating SIP trunks can accomplish even lower cost calling. Presently, it's the need for a straightforward way to connect at-home workers and employ dispersed teams.

Cloud based Phone Providers offer Advantages with Integrated Communication Apps

Cloud-based business phone services have advanced significantly. Many VoIP companies provide omni-channel communications like video, text, collaboration tools and CRM integration. And remote employees have shown to significantly benefit from utilizing their innovative cloud based apps. Repeatedly it's the integrated tools that turn into the means for small businesses to facilitate efficiencies, advance team collaboration and improve customer service.

Currently, these seven advantages are regularly mentioned by small business owners as their leading reasons to convert to cloud-based VoIP services. Benefits of an Internet-based phone system.

7 Business Benefits of Moving from an On-Premise PBX to a Cloud Phone System

    92% of customers are satisfied using live chat services as compared to other means of communication (phone, e-mail and social media support).2

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Employee working from home connected through the cloud.With more employees working from home, business owners have realized that integrated communication solutions represent an extremely compelling choice. The trend to use remote workers and dispersed teams will accelerate the move to cloud-based solutions for many businesses. Once cheaper phone calls represented the number one reason mentioned for moving to hosted VoIP; presently it's the need for a straightforward way to connect at-home and mobile employees. Cited as well, was the ability to select a basic plan first, then move to a more comprehensive plan, if required. Most cloud PBX companies offer an abundance of advanced phone features. Adding apps like integrated video, chat and team collaboration tools has evolved into another significant motive.

Small businesses typically lack the budget or ability to employ experienced IT administrators to customize solutions. Cloud phone solutions allow more limited companies to compete like larger corporations without the considerable expense. Initial implementation and setup costs remain minimal and can be completed almost instantly. Systems have been developed to integrate with CRM software without the need for expensive custom solutions.
Cloud-based phone services include customer support, an additional saving over time. Administration is straightforward and can be managed in-house by employees. Business owners likewise, suddenly realize there will be no need to replace an aging PBX in four or five years. The last two years have seen a significant shift in the reasons small business owners are choosing cloud phone services. A trend that will continue.




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