Ten Best on-premise PBX Phone Systems

The Best on-premise PBX Business Phone Systems

Best on premise PBX choices for 2020.Many of the best business phone systems remain to be an on-premise PBX. The most appropriate choice depends just as much about cost and needs as it does about the way you get your current phone service. And the facilities' infrastructure where the system will be installed. If you receive your Internet and dial tone with a PRI circuit then you'll need a PBX capable of handling a T1/PRI. If you have four business lines you want to keep, then the phone system needs to include four FXO ports. If you need to replace an older, outdated PBX and require the use of existing older phone wiring then a hybrid digital IP-PBX would be the best choice.

Top Ten on-premise IP-PBX Phone Systems 2021

*About the author. It's accurate that 2020 prompted many companies to determine that hosted cloud based voice services had distinct advantages. Most notably for small new businesses and office environments with remote workers. Many sales associates and on the go employees need to connect as though they're in the office and hosted services make that exceptionally easy. This trend continues now in 2021.
However, many companies prefer an on-premise replacement phone system as a one-time expense and to mitigate open ended monthly costs which come with hosted solutions. These on premise phone systems support remote workers and bring advanced features.
Over time costs for an on premise based PBX are typically lower than most hosted systems. Plus, the greater the number of phones in a deployment the less time it is to recoup the initial outlay and curtail monthly expenses.

These on premise PBX Business Phone Systems offer outstanding Value

Mitel formaly ShoreTel business phone system.Mitel offers exceptional communications solutions, both cloud based and on-premise. The MiVoice Connect system replaced ShoreTel after its acquisition and remains one of the top on premise IP-PBX solutions available. At its core is the ShoreTel technology. It's a feature rich flexible on site UC solution designed for an intuitive user experience with easy management. The Connect client allows users to access voicemail, directory, conferencing, transfer and other features from inside the office or on their mobile app.

  • High-end IP-PBX phone system. $$$ to $$$$
  • Found in small to large organizations (hospitals, education, engineering, medical offices, government agencies, etc.).


PBXact IP-PBX based on FreePBX.PBXact, Sangoma's IP-PBXs are based on FreePBX. They deliver a robust feature rich IP-PBX appliance with lots of flexibility for just about any type of small to mid-sized company. Although most SIP compliant phones can be used, using Sangoma's S-series phones, which are designed exclusively for PBXact, delivers a complete package with Zero Touch installation. PBXact appliances range from small (25 users) all the way to enterprise models and offer the means to connect to traditional phone lines and a T1/PRI, in addition to using SIP trunks. Complimenting these solutions Sangoma offers support making this UC appliance an excellent choice for those that want to use in-house personnel for its administration.

  • IP-PBX phone system from small to mid-size. $$ to $$$
  • Found in small to mid-size companies (contact centers, real estate offices, healthcare, retail, manufacturing facilities, engineering companies, etc.).
  • Good choice for companies that want in-house administration.


Cisco IP PBX business phone systems.

Cisco is known for their enterprise Unified Communications (UC) solutions include the Business Edition 6000 for companies with 25 to 1000 employees. Coming with a suite of preloaded, ready to activate UC solutions the BE6000 offers easy expansion with apps that can be enabled including contact center, video conferencing, and Cisco Webex® Hybrid Services among others.

  • High-end IP phone system. $$$$
  • Found in large organizations (schools, hospitals, government agencies, contact centers, education, etc.).
  • On site qualified technical staff a plus.


FortiVoice PBX systems.Fortinet offers Unified Communication PBX solutions under FortiVoice with appliances sized for both small offices and enterprise sized companies. Their IP-PBX servers offer various TDM connections, including a T/1 in the FVE-300E-T model. FortiVoice offers complete enterprise class communication systems without requiring additional licenses fees or telephony cards. Some of the integrated features include auto attendants, auto-provisioning, line/extension appearance, ring groups, user privileges, call queue, call barge, and multi-location integration.

  • IP-PBX appliance phone system. $$
  • Found in small to mid-sized companies (medical, law agencies, offices, engineering, contact centers, etc.).
  • On site technical staff a plus.


Zultys ip-pbx phone system.Zultys MX IP-PBXs are based on Open Standards and if needed can be used with broad range of 3rd party SIP based IP phones. Server configuration can accommodate various TDM connections, including ISDN T1/PRI. The MX integrates voice, video, integrated Fax, Voice Mail, Contact Center, Presence, Instant Messaging, Zultys Mobile Communicator™, integrated MXconference™ and audio conferencing. Zultys, a pioneer in IP communications for twenty years, continues to receive industry recognition. The MX IP phone system earned a 2020 Internet Telephony Product of the Year Award from TMC.

  • Feature rich VoIP ready phone system. $$
  • Found in small to medium sized businesses. (office environments, retail, law offices, medical, etc.)


Switchvox IP PBX, on-premise solution by Sangoma.Switchvox E-series on-premise appliances matched with their D-series IP phones deliver a comprehensive UC solution for small to mid-sized companies. Currently owned by Sangoma, Switchvox was developed by Digium, the creator and developer of Asterisk. With consistent reliable performance Switchvox VoIP appliances integrate phone, fax, chat and web conferencing over SIP for a feature rich communication solution. Switchboard, an intuitive web based app, solves and integrates communications for customer service agents so they possess the efficient means to complete more functions improving service.

  • IP-PBX phone system from small to mid-size. $$$
  • Found in small to mid-size companies (contact centers, offices, manufacturing facilities, engineering companies, medical, etc.).


Avaya IP Office business phone system.Avaya's IP Office is one of the most popular unified communication (UC) on site PBXs in the world. Providing flexible solutions their on premise IP Office 500 PBX solves hybrid deployments (digital and IP) with the ability to migrate from one to the other when the time is appropriate. Moving from digital to IP to cloud based, Avaya's IP Office includes an easy path. With the capacity to connect to any phone service (FXO, T1/PRI, SIP) its a PBX that works for just about any environment, especially in mixed use facilities that require the use of existing phone cabling.

  • Hybrid PBX phone system. $$ to $$$
  • Found in small to large companies (offices, call centers, manufacturing facilities, engineering companies, medical, etc.).
  • Good choice for companies that need to use older cabling.


Allworx ip-pbx.Allworx Connect is a third generation feature rich VoIP communication platform that offers IP connectivity. Servers range from the 320 for a small office up to the 731 capable of handling 250 users. The 324 and 320, for up to 20 users, can come with four FXO ports for those that want to keep some traditional phone lines. The 731 includes a T1 port for those using a PRI circuit. An all inclusive PBX system, the Allworx Connect remains a top choice for an on-premise PBX that has most of the features any business would want.

  • IP-PBX phone system from small to mid-size. $$
  • Found in small to mid-size companies (offices, manufacturing facilities, engineering companies, medical, etc.).


NEC business phone system.NEC is a major worldwide manufacturer of communications equipment that offers both affordable small systems and enterprise solutions. Their SL2100 remains an extremely practical feature rich PBX phone system with VoIP capabilities that would compliment a broad range of businesses. Choosing the NEC SL2100 is a cost-effective solution that can be installed in just about any environment (Analog, PRI, IP) and ensures your company will remain ahead of the technology curve. NEC continues being a leading manufacturer that you can count on for years to come.

  • Hybrid PBX phone system for small to large. $ to $$
  • Found in small to mid-sized companies (small hotels, healthcare, business offices, retail, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, etc.).


Grandstream IP-PBX VoIP phone system.Grandstream's UCM IP-PBXs can connect up to your existing traditional phone lines or your Internet connection using VoIP (or both). Based upon open source Asterisk and SIP IP phones the UCM offers a feature robust Unified Communication system without license fees. The impressive servers come with a carefully designed interface that can integrate voice, video, facility access and mobility communications. When matched with Grandstream endpoints configuration and administration becomes relatively straightforward. Support is included from Grandstream.

  • Feature rich VoIP ready phone system. $$
  • Found in small to mid-sized companies (offices, manufacturing facilities, hospitality, contact centers, etc.).
  • Good choice for those that want to self manage.

These are the top Ten phone system choices

Conclusion: What's new starting from 2020 and now in 2021

It's easy to become overwhelmed with all the information obtainable. A preferable option might be to respond to a few straight-forward questions and then compare a few quotes.

PBX salesman's ten best on-premise PBXs.From 2020 our best on premise PBX choices no longer include Samsung's discontinued OfficeServ. For a similar reason NEC's SL series represents the preferable choice over the DSX. As time proceeds it will likely be harder to find telecom professionals for maintenance, especially with Samsung. Furthermore, we have added two outstanding choices from Sangoma, the PBXact and Switchvox.
Currently in 2021 each of our on-premise PBX business phone system choices get high customer reviews and receive notable industry awards. Both the Mitel MiVoice Connect (formally ShoreTel) and the Cisco Business Edition 6000 are excellent choices where cost is not a limiting factor. Switchvox (Digium) offers another high-end option for companies that have capable a IT staff. Avaya through innovation remains a prominent solutions provider. The hybrid IP-Office continues as a consistent option that can accommodate a broad range of varied requirements.

NEC has for years developed a reputation for reliable, robust affordable solutions which have been favorably received by companies worldwide. For companies that desire an affordable VoIP appliance with innovative technology, Zultys delivers an award winning system. Likewise, Sangoma's PBXact and Grandstream's UCM
continue as impressive communications solutions, especially for those that want to manage
their systems in house.
FortiVoice part of Fortinet, would represent an attractive choice for many companies,
especially those that at present use their first-rate security devices. And Allworx delivers an advanced IP system
that has seen thousands of small business deployments. Each of the chosen PBX companies, some of which offer
cloud based services should continue to deliver communications solutions into the future, ensuring product certainty.


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