Talkroute Virtual Phone System Review

Talkroute's Phone System; Expertly Designed for a Growing Business

Work remotely using Talkroute.Talkroute's cloud-based phone system delivers talk, message, and video meetings in an easy-to-use app. Use it from any desktop, browser, or smartphone anywhere. Tailored for start-ups, entrepreneurs, expanding enterprises, and remote teams, Talkroute delivers an affordable, integrated communication solution.

Talkroute virtual phone system.Experience Talkroute's versatile cloud-based phone system, offering seamless talk, messaging, and video meetings via a user-friendly app. Enjoy its accessibility across desktops, browsers, and smartphones, ensuring connectivity from anywhere. Recognize business calls effortlessly, maintain professionalism with outgoing calls and texts displaying your business number, and streamline customer interactions and team collaborations with its rich set of communication features, including video meetings.

Discover Our Talkroute comprehensive review, showcasing its four tailored plans designed for small and growing businesses.

Talkroute Plans, Features, and Monthly Pricing

All Talkroute's plans, starting at $19/mo., include video meetings; a great value for solo-entrepreneurs seeking meetings with clients.

Each plan offers an all-inclusive monthly price, varying in features, user count, and phone numbers. Add extra numbers or users to any plan for just $5.00/month. Noteworthy is the incorporation of video meetings even in the basic plan, making it an ideal choice for solo-entrepreneurs seeking this feature.

Basic- $19.00/mo. includes 1 phone number and 1 user. *Optimal for solo-entrepreneurs or the self-employed.
It includes unlimited calling minutes in the United States and Canada and up to 500 text messages per month. Use video Meetings and manage calls by setting custom greetings, call forwarding and routing rules.
Plus- $39.00/mo. includes 2 phone numbers and 3 users. *Great for solo-entrepreneurs or a very small team.

Intended for solo-entrepreneurs or a micro-team to include unlimited calling and unlimited text messages. It consists of all the basic plans features, plus an auto-attendant, IVR, single digit extensions, simultaneous ring, live call transfer, and hours of operation. Meetings add screen sharing.

Pro- $59.00/mo. includes 3 phone numbers and 10 users. *A leading choice for small teams and growing businesses.

This popular option expands the Plus plan to include submenus, multi-digit extensions, company directory, call recording, scheduled call forwarding, reporting, and voice studio. Meetings add whiteboard and file sharing.

Enterprise- Get a quote for over 20 users.

The Enterprise plan is intended for businesses totaling twenty plus users to establish custom pricing along with a Service Level Agreement and a dedicated account manager.

Talkroute app for a PC and smartphone.


Computer and mobile User Apps
Talkroute has designed their user interface
 for an easy one-click to Keypad, History, Messages,
Voicemail and video Meetings.

Talkroute's video meetings app.


Video Meetings
Video conference with up to 100 participants (guests & team members).
Record meeting sessions, share your screen, chat via team messenger,
and collaborate by sharing files and using whiteboard.

Phone system setup app for call handling and routing.



Phone System Setup
Customize every aspect of your phone system. Organize call routing, set up extensions, personalize greetings, edit schedules, and more,
using their intuitive control panel.


Review Conclusion

Talkroute provides a powerful multi-channel business phone system and comes highly recommended.

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Exactly what we needed to introduce telemental health to our patients!
~Healthcare small business company
Perfect for our therapy practice.
~Abbie, Clinical Therapist

Talkroute Free TrialTalkroute Reviews, Pros and Cons: Users frequently mentioned the following factors as positive attributes; outstanding customer service, super easy to use, design is simple and straightforward, the apps are excellent,...affordable...fair pricing, us set up and running within the same hour..."We have been using Talkroute at our real estate office for the past 2 years and it has been excellent!" Real Estate Agency.1

Talkroute virtual phone system logo.Talkroute is "Best Choice".Experience the power of Talkroute– the robust, reliable communication platform tailored for small businesses, all at an incredibly affordable price. Highly recommended for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and dispersed teams, Talkroute remains your top choice to enhance business collaboration and customer communications. For solo-entrepreneurs and teams in need of collaboration tools and video meetings, Talkroute stands out as the perfect choice.

Being HIPPA compliant, telehealth and mental wellness professionals will recognize an invaluable service to conduct their remote sessions, easily and securely.

Teams that are advancing from older phone systems will find Talkroute's easy-to-use platform and customer service's onboarding especially valuable.

Likewise, many professionals, such as financial advisors, relocation specialists, telecommuters, etc., find the platform offers just about everything they'll require at a remarkably reasonable cost.

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Effortless Business Communication: Streamline Calls, Stack Waiting Customers, and Organize Teams with Talkroute's Call Handling

Smaller VoIP companies like Talkroute place a premium on personalized customer service and onboarding, dedicating time to understand the distinctive usage requirements of their clients. They consistently explore the call needs of businesses, providing customized guidance on call management. This approach contrasts with the prevalent "self-service" model advocated by larger providers. "Built for small growing businesses" isn't merely a slogan; it embodies a particular mindset focused on aiding businesses in their success and expansion. By offering many informative articles geared towards small business triumph, customers truly benefit from a valuable resource.

Outstanding Features & Team Collaboration Tools for Your Business Operations

Remote team member using Talkroute.Texting a response with Talkroute.

  1. Essential features like IVR, call recording, and team meeting tools.
  2. IVR streamlines incoming calls by guiding callers through automated menus.
  3. Call recording aids compliance, training, and customer service improvement.
  4. Team meeting tools include file sharing and co-annotating files.
  5. Transition between chat and video calls, and whiteboard usage.





Updated on 2/12/2024.

1Talkroute g2 reviews: 4.5 out of 5 with 23 reviews as of 2/12/2024.

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