OpenPhone Virtual Phone System Review

OpenPhone Cloud-based Communication App Review

Start-up company using OpenPhone phone app.OpenPhone is an incredibly affordable virtual phone platform for entrepreneurs and small teams to efficiently interact with each other and communicate with their business customers.

OpenPhone virtual phone service.OpenPhone is a modern business cloud-based communication app designed to operate on iPhone, iPad and Android. It delivers your business calls, texts, and contacts into one integrated unified communications platform that works anywhere. You first start by downloading the app to your existing cell phone, after which you get a new local or toll-free number (U.S. or Canada) for $15.00 per month when paid annually. Or you can port an existing phone number for free. Its platform includes phone calls, call recording, and messaging capabilities that are all integrated inside the user interface. That allows teams to possess one place to stay connected without having to struggle using multiple devices or apps.

OpenPhone Plans, Features, and Monthly Pricing

Designed uniquely for entrepreneurs and small business teams, OpenPhone delivers an affordable robust, all-in-one phone solution to businesses on a budget.

OpenPhone texting app in Light mode.OpenPhone offers three plans. Each of which includes one local (USA or Canada) or toll-free number per user that you select when establishing your account. Additional numbers can be included for $5.00/mo. Plans, including the Standard, incorporate calling and messaging to US and Canadian numbers, voicemail to text transcript, an IVR (auto-attendant) and call recording. The Premium plan comes with everything in the Standard plan while adding more collaboration tools, including an advanced IVR, call transfers, including warm transfer and transfer with a note, on-hold, group calling and analytics and reporting.

Businesses that employ the app instantly gain a more professional presence and provide customers with several ways to communicate, including phone calls, texting and voicemail. It directly improves business relationships with the ability to call and text from the same number. Each team member will stay informed by syncing notes across a shared customer address book. Improve customer response using faster AI-suggested message responses and automate note-taking employing AI call summaries.


OpenPhone's User Interface in dark mode.Gain the ability to collaborate inside shared phone numbers. Be able to call and text as a team and see your teammates’ activity. Your entire team instantly gains the ability to work together to support business customers with one seamless experience.

Business call, texts and contacts.
Designed with small companies in mind so team members can maintain one place to instantly locate information without the need to toggle between screens and apps. Call logs, call recordings, and transcribed voicemails appear right alongside texts to establish a coherent communication platform.

Lightweight CRM. Add notes for future reference.
Whether using OpenPhone as a solo-entrepreneur or with a team, leaving notes on contacts will keep you apprised of all the details.

OpenPhone Reviews, Pros and Cons- Review Conclusion

OpenPhone delivers one of the most affordable well-crafted virtual phone solutions for micro-businesses and small teams.

Teams find it easy to be more productive by sharing a unified inbox so that everyone can review texts, voice messages, and calls in a single view.

Their phone service provides an exceptionally expertly designed app which provides ample built-in Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) capabilities for most micro-businesses. Teams will instantly discover the advantages of sharing notes and pertinent information on customers and their business interactions. Built-in AI (Artificial Intelligence) reduces response times by assisting agents with suggested message responses and automating note taking and call summaries.

For entrepreneurs that still use a personal phone for business, OpenPhone's platform represents a brilliant and remarkably affordable solution to separate business calls and contacts from personal ones. Users regularly state the service is indispensable and has made doing business significantly more efficient. At some point it becomes critical to have the ability to set business hours to only accept business calls to a personal phone during specified hours. Setting auto-replies, which are incorporated into the system, furnishes a method for customers to always receive a response. For example, these automated texts can be set separately to respond to missed texts, calls and voicemails during business hours, with another message after hours. A primary feature that improves customer communication and retention and business professionalism. All of OpenPhone's features have been designed to be implemented effortlessly, and their website includes a library of tutorials showing how to perform the settings.

OpenPhone Reviews

The following factors were repeatedly mentioned as positive attributes; uncomplicated user interface, simple to use, price, automated texts; voicemail to text, recording calls, adding notes. "I have been using the OpenPhone system for the past 2+ years and have tried other systems out there, but OpenPhone is the best and most user-friendly of them all." "The cost effectiveness of the service and my ability to perform my duties overseas...without international fees and expensive data rates." "have been very pleased with to know when to answer it with my business can manage the calls from a PC. So if on vacation - have a coworker manage the calls and texts..."

OpenPhone regularly gets rated uppermost for best usability, easiest to use, and easiest setup among its piers.

At $15.00per mo./user OpenPhone may be the most affordable robust virtual phone service available anywhere.

Ranking as an impressive top pick, OpenPhone offers a great virtual phone service for solo and micro-companies. OpenPhone reviews: g2: 4.7 out of 5 with 1,423 reviews1.


OpenPhone virtual phone system.OpenPhone provides an outstanding virtual phone system tailored for solo-businesses and small teams to communicate effectively. It's designed with both a modern and a clean user interface and is regarded by almost all users as intuitive and easy. With just enough light CRM capabilities, most micro-businesses will find it's precisely what they desire. A service that can be used from anywhere, OpenPhone is emerging as one of the best, most affordable virtual phone platforms available.

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1The number of reviews were as of 8/5/2023.

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