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Answering phone with cloud PBX system service for 2021.Best Cloud PBX Phone System Providers for 2022

To compare cloud-based hosted VoIP PBX providers and then choose one company offering the best features at an affordable price is not as easy as it seems. There are many outstanding cloud-based virtual phone companies competing for business customers, but no exclusive provider is suitable for everyone. So, what makes one communication service a more suitable choice over the others?
We believe the answer begins with high customer satisfaction and a proven track record of reliable service. On top of that, the best providers offer a competitively tailored feature set that will enhance a businesses' communications. In other words "good value."
That nevertheless leaves several excellent business VoIP companies to compare. Some companies do offer better plans, including unique advanced features, while others excel with customized service plans tailored for a particular business model.

Ringcentral Office VoIP service. 
  • Unlimited Calling, Faxing, Business Texts, Conf
  • Integrated Message, Video and Phone, easy to use
  • Trusted by over 400,000 businesses, well designed
Recommened check.Any sized business; Integrated phone,
video and team collaboration tools.
$19.99 Details
Ooma Office Business VoIP. 
  • Award winning VoIP business with 50+ features
  • Collaborate from anywhere, video, desktop, & mobile
  • No extra fees, 30-day risk-free trial, no contracts
Recommened check.Remote teams, new or small
growing businesses, professional offices.
Special: Buy 1 Get 1 Free
T21 IP Phone
Nextiva VoIP 
  • System integrates business communication apps
  • Collaborate from anywhere, video, desktop, & mobile
  • Customer Contact Management, Active engagement, AI
Recommened check.Customer contact center, remote
workers, multiple locations.
$18.95 Quote
VirtualPBX VoIP phone service.
  • Flexible Integrated Full-Featured Business VoIP
  • Custom Voice Solutions with Managed Support
  • Both Unlimited Minute Plans and Unlimited User Plans
Recommened check.Call centers, multi-
location businesses, Customization.
$9.00 Quote

One-third of all businesses use VoIP systems. Outcomes produce increased productivity with lower costs. Reduced expense items include lower office expenditures via telecommuting, slashed conferencing costs and lower long distance and cell phone charges.

Requirements for one business may not necessarily be the same for another. A modest start up with four employees will have different needs than a small contact center. The first may need collaboration tools, while the second may need call metrics and training tools. Whatever your business communication needs embody, moving to a cloud-based virtual phone system should produce numerous distinct advantages, including lower costs and increased productivity. Resources that will enhance your business and customer success.

These Companies have the Best Business Phone plans for 2022

It's not if, but when most businesses will decide to place their phone system in the cloud. The best VoIP service is the one incorporates features that match your needs at a price in your budget.

At this time we have picked the best ten choices for a cloud PBX phone system. For each provider we have highlighted the advantages and the prominent services that distinguish them over their competition. Our top picks each include business service plans that are clearly defined and offer straightforward pricing on their websites. Each offers services tailored for small companies, even though some of these providers can easily handle enterprise-sized customers. All of our top picks constantly achieve superior ratings and collect national awards from telecom industry experts for both features and service.

RingCentral Cloud PBX best business phone service.RingCentral Office conceivably has the best cloud PBX business phone system available with several excellent plans to choose from. Their Premium Plan includes Unlimited Phone Calls within the US and CA, Unlimited Video Conferencing for up to 100 people, 2,500 toll-free minutes, Unlimited Internet Fax and Automatic Call Recording. RingCentral remains an excellent choice for a company that wants to consolidate to one provider and move to a UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) provider. For more details see RingCentral Review

Best For:
  • Plans that includes Video Conferencing and Automatic Call Recording with multi-channel communications solutions. Good for any sized company.
  • Companies that prefer one vendor to handle multiple forms of communications.

8x8 X series hosted VoIP service.Award winning 8x8 X Series business VoIP offers multi-channel communications and collaboration tools with packages that include unlimited International calling within 47 countries. It's a great choice for hose that need an assortment of robust tools to empower customer service representatives plus low cost International calling.

Best For:
  • Unlimited International Calling for any sized company.
  • Contact Centers for better customer experiences.

Vonage Business Cloud PBX service.Vonage Business Cloud offers a unified communications platform with impressive features for businesses to work smarter through multiple channels. Vonage's service integrates with an extensive list of popular business software, an important must-have for many companies. They additionally offer services for developers who can utilize their platform for tailored communication solutions.

Best For:
  • Scalable custom platform as business needs grow.
  • Organizations that want to customize and manage their communications by employing in-house developers working with Vonage APIs.

Grasshopper Virtual phone service, best 2021 pick by virtual phone service is designed for very small micro businesses and/or entrepreneurs, not for businesses that want a phone on the desk. It's an excellent easy to use add-on business phone system app that works with your existing smart phone. The Grasshopper system and apps are easy to use and quick to grasp, enhancing customer relations, especially for those that need to separate business calls from non-business calls. Grasshopper offers a free seven day trial to see how it will make your business more professional. For more details see Grasshopper Review

Best For:
  • On the go micro-businesses, entrepreneurs, and real-estate agents.
  • Those that want enhanced communications for their existing smart phone service, but don't need or want a traditional desk phone.

Virtualpbx, VoIP business provider.VirtualPBX, an early entrant in VoIP services, offers a virtual PBX business phone platform which can be used with many different endpoints (phones), not just a typical IP phone. Winner of a 2020 award from TMC for Product of the Year, VirtualPBX consistently innovates and delivers an outstanding small business phone system. They offer a Softphone App which enables your mobile phone to be used just as seamlessly as any desk phone. With several plans VirtualPBX provides businesses alternative billing options based on either users or minutes so they can best choose the most appropriate solution for their business model.

Best For:
  • Multi-location businesses.
  • Good choice for a system to connect team members from anywhere.

Intermedia Unite, hosted VoIP.Intermedia Unite, offers small businesses a unified communications solution with tools designed for easy communications and collaboration. Their Unite desktop app offers an integrated array of intuitive collaboration tools designed for teamwork. You'll know which team mates are available and able to chat. Tools include the ability to share screens, start video calls and share files. And it's available for PC or Mac.

Best For:
  • Small businesses with workers who interact, share resources and collaborate.
  • Cloud based marketing, design, software companies.

Jive business VoIP picked by PBXMechanic.Jive, now GoToConnect, gets top reviews from their users for both their service and support. They offer just one plan that includes a robust set of features. That makes it easy for a business customer to figure out exactly what their cost will be. Pricing is dependent on the number of users, the higher the number of users the lower the cost per user.

Best For:
  • Customer Support and Ease of Setup.

Nextiva Business VoIP, top pick for growing companies.Nextiva is one of the top-rated providers of cloud-based communication services in the USA. With over 45 features Nextiva offers three clearly defined plans Essential, Professional and Enterprise. Each of the three straightforward plans pack an outstanding set of services broken down as Phone Service Features, Collaboration Features, and Productivity Features, each delivering outstanding value and 24x7 support. Nextiva recognizes how communications should integrate with business practices and has focused on constructing their platform so companies can benefit from engaging customers thoughtfully and successfully. Nextiva Review

Best For:
  • Businesses who want integrated tools to enhance their business customer relationships.
  • Small growing companies that can select one of the more affordable pricing options and maintain the ability to move to a higher tier for additional features.

Ooma business phone service.Ooma Office offers a business service that delivers an affordable business phone system with over 35 advanced features and comes with pre-configured phones. Best for a small office, their service is easy to install and have up and operating quickly. With enough features for the majority of small businesses (2-15 users) Ooma is an easy choice and the cost for desk phones is very reasonable.

Best For:
  • Small companies with 3 to 15 employees who want affordability and a good simple business VoIP phone system.
  • Good choice for new upstart company that plans to grow incrementally over the next year or two.


CallHippo virtual business phone system.CallHippo provides an impressive virtual phone system that's great for startups and small companies that require more than just voice calls, but rather a suite of communication solutions. Offering one of the most attractive options for an International reach they offer local or toll-free numbers from over 50 different countries and calling to over 190 countries. With the aim to replace desk phones with soft phones, CallHippo has built a powerful communications platform allowing team members from anywhere to collaborate and service customers globally. Plans range from free to $30/mo. for their platinum plan.

Best For:
  • Startups, software and IT companies that want to service customers worldwide.
  • Brand-new businesses that expect to grow rapidly and want more than a local footprint.


Office that chose the best hosted VoIP system.Each cloud PBX company offers an outstanding virtual phone system for a particular business situation. Each includes customer support and has feature rich systems designed to be specifically user friendly. Ordering service is straightforward with transparent pricing and once installed relatively quick to have configured the way you require it.

RingCentral notably has received numerous industry accolades with its platform that integrates text, voice and video seamlessly. Business managers have recognized that video has become an important piece of their employee's toolkit. It seems evident that going forward video will earn even more traction as an essential communication component.

Businesses maintain a unique set of requirements. The most efficient solution is a tailored quote based on your requirements.

Get expert telecom advice for the best hosted VoIP solution.As a business owner looking for a new cloud based phone system, the amount of obtainable information can be overwhelming. Repeatedly the most efficient solution is to allow a few minutes and speak to a knowledgeable professional about your particular requirements. As there is no one single hosted VoIP plan that is perfect for every business, then the most beneficial suggestion would be to allow an experienced representative explain their various plans and advantages and how their platform will directly improve your companies' communications. Obtaining an exact quote from RingCentral is easy. Use the banner to instantly connect up through our toll free number.

With so many phone system choices information overload is not uncommon. The more convenient alternative is to talk directly with a customer service professional.

Take this opportunity to get your
questions satisfied to find the most ideal RingCentral plan
for your business communications. (No cost and no obligation.)


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