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Real Estate professional explains using Grasshopper VoIP phone service.The Best Real Estate Virtual Phone Service- Grasshopper

Real Estate agents and real-estate agent teams require a unique set of phone system features so they can separate real-estate customers from non-business or personnel calls. Most agents depend on their smart phones for communication, using numerous apps to schedule appointments, maintain their professional contacts and keep in constant touch with team members and negotiation parties.

95% of Real Estate buyers in 2022 rated Responsiveness as very important when choosing an agent to work with. Over 88% ranked communication skills as an important requirement.*

This is where the affordable Grasshopper Virtual Phone System excels. It's a robust VoIP service tailor made for entrepreneurs and small businesses to separate business calls from personal calls to present a more professional presence. It allows agents to prosper and build a trustworthy brand image while still using your current smart phone.

Grasshopper VoIP app for real estate agents.Using the Grasshopper app is exceptionally easy to use and offers a real-estate agent or a team of agents a well designed platform to complement professional communications. It comprises of a robust set of features to enhance communications without the need for any equipment or additional devices. You can receive and make calls and texts from anywhere. Take multiple calls at the same time by routing them to another team member, another phone, or place them on hold with music or send them to voicemail. Customers won't have to experience another busy signal. And what's markedly great about all these features is they are quick and easy to setup. Grasshopper has lots of how-tos and easy to understand help guides.

Consider How These Features Will Elevate Your Real Estate Business

Grasshopper VoIP mobile app and PC app.

Over 72% of Home Buyers rate prompt communication from their agent of newly listed properties and any price changes of existing listings and which properties went under contract as very important. *2022 NAR Home Buyer & Seller Generational Trends

Final Notes and Conclusion

73% of homebuyers 65 years or younger rated it important their agent sends property info and communicates via text message.

*2022 NAR Home Buyer & Seller Generational Trends

Grasshopper's cloud based virtual PBX system for real-estate professionals will markedly improve communications resulting in a more pleasurable overall experience for both buyers and sellers. Presenting a more professional image will likely promote a more trustworthy business brand, a key factor for buyers. Studies show advanced communications and Internet services continue to grow as a business need and this trend should accelerate as time proceeds. Buyers currently expect real-estate agents to be versed in technology and to use text messages as an alternative to talking over the phone.

Grasshopper Phone service for Real Estate agents.Broker suggests Grasshopper VoIP for real esate agents.Grasshoppers Virtual phone system can be up and taking calls within minutes. It delivers a carefully designed affordable service that is ideal for real-estate agents and teams of agents. It's designed to compliment your existing smart phone service not replace it. Although not a system for a real estate office with desk phones, Grasshopper's platform provides agents their own business PBX features that can be quickly and easily setup.

Over the last several years, the number of homebuyers and home sellers that stated it's important their agent sends property info and communicates via text messages has increased.**

Agent teams have discovered it offers the tools to distribute calls and share information which makes the entire team prosper. The team quickly becomes an integrated unit able to handle calls and share information exactly how they want to.
Grasshopper has three primary plans, True Solo, Solo Plus, and Small Business, all with the same feature set, but do differ in the number of phone numbers and extensions. Plans are priced as $15.00, $25.00 and $55.00 monthly (when paid annually). Prices are slightly higher when not paid annually, for instance the Solo Plus plan is $32.00/mo. when billed monthly.

We Rate Grasshopper as a "Top Choice" for Real Estate Agents because:
Grasshopper VoIP is easy to use.It's affordable with a robust uncomplicated feature set that's just right for real estate with on the go out in the field agents. It's for those that want to enhance their business communications through their smart phone, not replace it.
You won't require any additional equipment. It's designed to use with your existing smartphone service.
It's stable and well tested with 135,000 small businesses and entrepreneurs utilizing it every day.

Grasshopper now offers a 7 day,
no commitment trial.
Trying Grasshopper is easy!


Take the step and See How Really Great Grasshopper Phone Service Is

Grasshopper Virtual Phone System- Made for Real Estate Agents
Try Grasshopper. Now with a free 7-day trial. No credit card. No commitment.


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**2020 to 2022 NAR Home Buyer & Seller Generational Trends

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