Best Rated Small Business Phone Systems

Best Cloud based & On-premise Business PBX Phone Systems

Best business phone systems 2020.These business phone systems represent the best communication solutions available for small companies.

Diverse types of businesses require distinctly different phone systems. Hosted VoIP or a virtual cloud based phone system represents the preferred solution for many offices, combining Omni-channel platforms and easy management along with lower initial costs. Nevertheless, other types of companies such as a business with a mixture of office and warehouse find they require a hybrid on-premise PBX solution installed using their existing infrastructure. And some small businesses, like restaurants, fitness centers and retail establishments merely may require a durable phone system that connects to their current phone services. Whatever your company considers, you'll discover these the top picks for both virtual cloud based phone systems and an on-premise PBXs.

Top Picks for the  Best Small business phone systems

Best Cloud PBX Companies

RingCentral Cloud PBX best business phone service.

  • Cloud based Omni-channel communications with video calling, real-time message and phone suited for any size company.
  • Unlimited domestic calling and texting right from your desktop or mobile device.
  • Automated attendant and 50 advanced features. Teams can work together from anywhere.
  • Mobile apps are carefully designed. Industry leading reliability. Surprisingly easy to setup and use.
  • Seamless innovative secure communications from anywhere.
  • Deploys in minutes and integrates with most tools and CRM apps.
  • Award winning customer service and support.
  • Must pay yearly for the best price.
Best For:
  • One provider with integrated Omni-channel communications platform including video and chat for remote workers and team collaboration. Plans start at $19.99/mo.

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Nextiva Unified Communications app. 

  • Unified Communications platform good for any size company with integrated phone, business apps, AI and automation.
  • Communicate and collaborate with voice, text, video, email, and instant messaging all in one place. 9.5/10 Easiest to use.
  • Auto-attendant, mobile and desktop apps, internet fax, voicemail to email, etc.
  • 99.999% uptime with excellent 24/7 customer support team.
  • Nextiva has established a UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) platform that offers a comprehensive set of built-in business communication apps.
  • Affordable with easy to use powerful remote work features.
  • Award winning customer service and 1-1 solutions support.
  • An annual payment is required for best pricing.
Best For:
  • Great for contact centers, remotes workers, businesses that need CRM integration and Omni-channel communications. For 5-19 Essential Plan users- $21.95/mo. each when paid annually.

Plans start at $18.95/mo./user:    Nextiva

VirtualPBX hosted VoIP service.

  • Virtual phone system with voice, video and SMS good for any size company, from very small to enterprise.
  • Unique plans with either unlimited minutes or unlimited users.
  • Unlimited Minutes plans include Flex, Essentials, Advanced and Enterprise. Unlimited Users plans of 300, 500, and 1,000.
  • Complete integrated cloud based communications solution that's totally scalable and customizable.
  • 99.999% uptime with excellent 24/7 customer support team.
  • With unique plans, many businesses discover VirtualPBX offers a more cost-effective solution.
  • Connect with just about any device, including IP phones, regular desk phones, mobile devices, tablets and computers.
  • Affordable phone plans with lots of features and flexibility.
  • Award winning customer service and support.
  • Requires talking with a representative to determine the most effective plan, but well worth it.
Best For:
  • Multi-location operations such as franchises. Companies requiring a significant number of phones some of which may see light use. Unlimited plans that start at $16.99/user/mo.

VirualPBX agents will answer your questions: VirtualPBX

Ooma Office phone system.

  • Small business VoIP office phone system offering outstanding value. Designed with most features small business owners would need.
  • One toll free number included. Plans include 35 business features including a virtual receptionist, call forwarding options, ring groups, SMS Messaging, voicemail to email, mobile app, MOH and virtual fax.
  • Office Pro at $24.95/mo./user adds Video Conferencing, Desktop app, Call Recording, etc.
  • Easy to choose phone numbers, get setup and use.
  • Extension dialing between users.
  • Constantly rated number one for a small business office VoIP phone system. No contract required.
  • A one time activation fee of $29.95 is required.
Best For:
  • Small businesses with home workers that want an affordable reliable professional phone system. $19.95/user/mo.

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Grasshopper virtual phone system for entrepreneurs. 

  • Virtual phone system designed to work with your existing smart phone to separate business calls.
  • Unique platform adds a business number and a virtual phone system for entrepreneurs to look more professional.
  • You can choose a local, toll-free or a custom vanity virtual business phone number.
  • Custom greetings, business texting with Instant Response- Automatically send a text to new callers when you can’t answer their call.
  • 24/7 customer support team. Comprehensive set of how-to articles and helpful business guides.
  • Never miss a business call, make and receive calls and texts from anywhere. Desktop and mobile apps (iPhone or Android).
  • Virtual Attendant, Simultaneous Call Handling, Extension Dialing and Call Transfers, Voicemail with Transcription, Virtual Fax, etc.
  • No additional devices or equipment needed.
  • Extremely easy to setup and use.
  • Requires annual payment for best pricing.
Best For:
  • Entrepreneurs and micro-businesses such as real-estate agents and agent teams, home inspectors, appraisers, landscapers, repairmen, etc. Solo plan at $26/mo.

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Best On Premise PBXs

Mitel formaly ShoreTel business phone system.

  • MiVoice Connect system is a flexible on site UC PBX solution designed for an intuitive user experience with easy management.
  • On-site business phone system with built-in communication and collaboration tools. Locate contacts, check availability and connect via phone, IM, video, desktop sharing or conference calling, all from the same app.
  • Innovative suite of IP phones that use advanced features and accessories designed to improve productivity and mobility.
  • A well designed platform offering a flexible and intuitive dashboard, which is easy to use.
  • Mitel is a recognized global leader in communications. All-in-one system built with simplicity and reliability for easy management.
  • Connect platform is built upon ShoreTel technology, which was known as one of the top on-premise solutions.
  • Award winning "Best Business Tool."
  • Additional features require license fees. Installation requires a Mitel technician.
Best For:
  • From anywhere reliable communications for team collaboration and contact centers. Great for Education, Government, Healthcare and Hospitality. | $$$ to $$$$

NEC business DSX-40 digtal PBX for traditional phone lines.

  • NEC Univerge SV9100- SMB Flexible communications platform that can operate as a digital, IP and analog PBX or a combination.
  • A hybrid unified-communications-capable solution to deliver real-time audio and video conferencing from both desktops and devices.
  • Capable of connecting through any type of phone service; FXO, SIP and T1/PRI.
  • Cost effective PBX built for mobile workforce, at home workers with easy to use apps. InHotel app for hospitality industry.
  • Complete cost effective modular communications platform designed as an efficient solution for a multitude of businesses.
  • Durable system once installed will operate well for years with well designed phones.
  • Highly reliable totally scalable solution.
  • Installation and configuration requires a PBX technician. Adding some features require additional licensing fees.
Best For:
  • Hospitality, medical, contact centers, on the go remote and home workers. Excellent choice for hotels. | $$$

Avaya IP Office best hybrid on premise PBX for T1/PRI.

  • Avaya IP Office- Extremely flexible PBX that can connect digital, IP and analog or in combination.
  • Totally scalable hybrid unified communications capable solution.
  • The system can connect through any type of phone service; FXO, SIP and T1/PRI.
  • One of the most popular PBX systems using well designed durable phones with deployments worldwide.
  • Flexible IP capable PBX that can deliver an effective phone system for just about any type of company or organization.
  • Popular PBX with many technicians and installers available.
  • A durable system once installed operates effectively for years.
  • Requires a PBX technician. Adding some features require additional licensing fees.
Best For:
  • Hybrid installations using some existing traditional phone wiring. Companies that connect using a T1/PRI. | $$ to $$$

Grandstream VoIP appliance, best on premise self management PBX.

  • Grandstream UCM6200- Easy to manage VoIP appliance based on Asterisk that combines voice, video, data and mobility features. Can use with any SIP phones or endpoints.
  • Up to 500 users for the 6202 and 6204 and 800 for the 6208.
  • The system can connect to PSTN using built-in 2/4/8 FXO ports. Appliance includes 2 built-in FXS ports and can handle up to 50 SIP accounts.
  • Customizable on premise solution for total control. Remote-access provides an easy-to-manage hybrid cloud communication solution.
  • Affordable VoIP ready appliance with well designed intuitive GUI. Grandstream offers lots of support information and help.
  • System supports multi-language auto-attendant and call queue.
  • No license fees for adding features.
  • Built-in call recordings server with recordings accessible via web user interface.
  • Ethernet cabling required to all endpoints with a VoIP ready LAN (Local Area Network).
Best For:
  • Owners who have capable support personnel for in-house management to maximize control and manage costs. Excellent for business or industry specific customization. | $$ to $$$

The Best on-premise PBX Solution

On premise PBX consultant.On-premise PBX advice.Establishing the most suitable on-premise business phone system frequently requires a number of specific details regarding the current business layout and existing PSTN services, if any. Particular businesses frequently require distinctive solutions uniquely determined after understanding the company's requirements with recognition of any unique components of the property. After a quick review telecom professionals regularly establish which PBX phone system would represent the most cost-effective practical solution.

It's easy to become overwhelmed with all the information obtainable. The preferable option often starts by merely responding to a few straightforward questions and then comparing systems and pricing.

  • Convenient straightforward process.
  • No cost, no commitment.
  • None.
Best For:
  • On premise PBX solution.

Submit a few straightforward questions: On-site PBX Phone System

All of these business phone systems have proven to offer outstanding value and reliability.

Business phone system salesperson.

We have found business owners regularly say they need a phone system to be more than just a way to accept calls. It should improve business processes by allowing their employees to be more effective. And it's essential to be easy to use. A requirement is that it incorporates direct access to files, customer information and business applications regardless where the employee might be.

RingCentral and Nextiva each provide a formidable integrated multi-channel communications platform. As business owners adjust to employees working from home, they have realized the importance of direct access to team members and business resources. VirtualPBX specializes in a comprehensive solution that can be tailored to a customer's requirements.

For decidedly small businesses Ooma provides an outstanding cost-effective office phone system with the proper number of features. Perfect for a small, growing company. And for entrepreneurs who require a more professional way to connect with customers, Grasshopper's virtual phone system has proven to offer distinct advantages. Use their business phone number app to never miss an important business call again.

Our four on-premise PBX systems each provide outstanding alternatives suited to a specific business preference. On premise systems typically require a few more details to establish the most appropriate cost-effective solution.

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