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The Best Cloud PBX Companies for your Business

Phone service from a Cloud based PBX service.Cloud PBX business phone companies offer outstanding services for businesses that need a robust cost-effective communication solution. When moving to a cloud PBX (aka Virtual PBX) hardware costs are minimal as only phones are needed and there is no need for that PBX server sitting in the phone closet. Additionally, there is no need for any traditional copper phone lines (or expensive PRI circuits) as all communications, including faxes can go over the Internet. (Exceptions might be an alarm or elevator phone.) A single monthly fee pays for your chosen services and includes support, further savings. Remote home workers connect through the virtual PBX as though they are right in the office.

Moving to a cloud PBX business phone system (hosted business VoIP) is extremely easy. Installation and setup can be done in hours. When requiring a supplementary service it's as easy as a click of a mouse, as your phone system is totally scalable; increase or decrease lines as needed. (However, contractual agreements can often affect pricing and service changes.)

A Cloud PBX will make your organization more efficient and easier to manage. Desk phones and smart devices work together and integrate with your CRM and other software applications.

Further down we have listed several top Cloud PBX companies that all receive excellent reviews from users and are favorably regarded as industry leaders. Each provider offers constant reliable services with a large feature set and enough advanced features that any small to medium sized business would be extremely satisfied.

Advice from Cloud PBX experts.When deciding on a cloud based phone solution consider how your business model will benefit from the provider's features and pricing. Does your company generate a large amount of calls? Or are you a small company that frequently works out of office? Do you need to record your calls? These and other questions will point your decision in a certain direction.

Savings by moving to a cloud PBX can easily be over 30%. And what's better than all inclusive pricing with one provider for all your companies' communications?

A good business phone system should convey a favorable impression to customers and be easy and intuitive to use, for both customers and employees. It should have an intuitive well designed interface and helpful customer service.
The best cloud PBX phone system is the one that is both intuitive and easy to use and offers an affordable solution that matches your needs now and in the future.

Top Cloud PBX Business Phone System Providers

These are the top rated Cloud PBX companies.

Each of these cloud based PBX business phone system companies constantly receive the best reviews, receive industry awards and offer exceptional services for small to mid-sized businesses. All provide several pricing plans depending on the level of features required or the number of users that will be connected. There may be other taxes, fees and other service charges that increase the prices per user listed below. Some companies may require commitments of an annual payment to obtain the stated price. For accurate pricing we suggest obtaining a more exact quote.

These Cloud PBX companies below are today's recognized leaders in business VoIP phone services.

*Base Pricing listed may retain certain requirements, including paying yearly and/or committing to a contact or a specific number of users, depending on company. Additional fees, including, but not limited to, taxes, fees and other charges may also increase base pricing which are subject to change by the providing company.

RingCentral Cloud PBX service.RingCentral is a leader in cloud PBX companies having received the TMC 2018 Unified Communications Product of the Year award and continuous "Excellent" reviews from top industry experts.

Broken into four straightforward plans, Essentials, Standard, Premium and Ultimate, it's easy to find the right service for any specific needs. The lowest priced Essentials offers a low cost solution for those that only need limited minutes. By moving up to the Standard plan you get more included minutes, plus such significant features as Multi-level attendant and Internet Fax. Their service works with hundreds of apps, so integration with your business software is virtually guaranteed. Recommended Best Choice hosted VoIP by PbxMechanic.RingCentral receives our "Top Choice" for what most companies would want for their business communications system. RingCentral Plans

It's straight forward to obtain the exact level of services you'll need; so pricing can be determined rather easily. RingCentral does not require any commitment, you can pay monthly and cancel at anytime. Plan prices vary depending on if paid monthly or annually upfront. And 24/7 customer service is included in all plans.  brochure RingCentral Video RingCentral Review

  • Base Pricing*: Essentials $19.99, Standard $24.99, Premium $34.99, Ultimate $46.99
  • Strong feature set for reasonable costs for small to medium companies.
  • *Special 20% off & 40% off select phones: RingCentral

Grasshopper Business Communication ServiceGrasshopper, located in Boston, Massachusetts, provides a unique niche in the Virtual PBX service industry and is a leading choice for small companies that depend on mobility and those who don't want or need a desktop telephone. Offering Android and iOS apps allows a user to receive calls on their current cell phones from their business number anywhere. Not merely is it designed to never miss a call, Grasshopper indicates when an incoming call is business. It's straightforward to employ their tools to handle those calls uniquely. For instance, a business call can receive a custom greeting and go to an attendant with options before being routed to extensions or a particular person. Great for real-estate professionals, food trucks, and other highly mobile businesses, Grasshopper's virtual phone system is remarkably easy to set up and will make entrepreneurs appear and sound more professional. Grasshopper, Top Choice for real estate agents.Adding a "big company" feel and a level of sophistication will reflect positively on customers. Grasshopper is our "Top Choice" for mobile businesses, entrepreneurs and real estate agents. To see why we recommend Grasshopper see our Grasshopper Virtual Phone Review

Grasshopper's plans, Solo, Partner and Small Business, all include the same features. With 24/7/365 support they are an excellent choice for a mobile small business. A relatively recent plan designed for individuals is Grasshopper Connect. For a detailed summary and preferred pricing  Grasshopper Features Overview

  • Base Pricing*: Solo $26.00, Partner $44.00, Small Business $80.00
  • Excellent for small companies or business entrepreneurs who are mobile.

Nextiva Business VoIP ServiceNextiva constantly scores significantly high in reviews for all aspects of their service and receives accolades from numerous organizations for their innovative solutions. They have three plans, Essential, Professional and Enterprise, each with an included standard feature set that then increases with each plan. For instance, to get Call Recording one would need to select the Professional plan. Additionally, each plan in designed as a communication platform, offering businesses "Collaboration Features" such as Video and "Productivity Features" that include call recording and analytics.

Nextiva's three straightforward plans begin with pricing that beats almost all their competition and delivers a robust feature set with each level. The most competitive prices are obtained by paying annually.* However, the Essential plan remains a remarkable bargain of $22.00 when paid monthly. All plans include 24/7 service and tech support and 99.999% reliability. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Nextiva prides themselves in constructing a total communication's platform with one workspace to make life as easy as possible for employees to be productive. For a small business seeking to manage both calls and customers Nextiva delivers an outstanding communications software platform and is one of our top picks. nextiva Video Visit Nextiva

  • Base Pricing* 20-99 users: Basic $18.95, Pro $22.95, Enterprise $32.95

    Note: Nextiva's pricing is dependent upon both the number of users and yearly contracts. Nextiva does make it very easy to determine an exact price through a quick and easy quote process.

  • Highly competitive, budget friendly plans for small companies.

*Specials are for a limited time.

Vonage Business Cloud PBX service.Vonage Business Cloud, winner of the TMC 2019 Internet Telephony Product of the Year Award, offers an impressive range of features designed for small to medium sized businesses. Their services are broken into a three tier pricing model, Mobile, Premium and Advanced, with each plan having their own set of features. Additionally, some specific advanced features cost more, so having an exact tailored quote for services that are based on specific needs is best obtained from a knowledgeable professional. Those who choose too many additional optional features can suddenly end up a with a large monthly bill.

Vonage Business Cloud service integrates with CRM apps, as well as other apps and can expand to any size that a company requires. For basic plans, which offer a nice inexpensive set of features, pricing can be among the most competitive available. And with 24/7 service and tech support Vonage is an outstanding choice. Vonage Business Video

  • Base Pricing*: Mobile $19.99, Premium $29.99, Advanced $39.99
  • Highly competitive flexible plans for small to medium companies.

Jive business VoIP service.Jive, now GoToConnect, constantly receives top reviews from their users. Based in Orem, Utah, they joined with LogMeIn a few years back. In 2018 they were selected as a Telephony Hosted VoIP Excellence award winner by TMC which shows how well their products are designed.

GoToConnect formerly Jice Communications.GoToConnect's pricing model is based on the number of users. As the number increases the per seat price lowers. Their extensive feature package is outstanding and includes such advanced features as unlimited auto-attendants, Fax to Email, Voicemail to Email, Music on Hold and Time-Based routing (plus others). Easy to setup with excellent help resources, Jive is a superior choice for companies who want a packed feature set at one monthly cost per employee. International Call rates can be higher than the competition. Offering 24/7 support Jive will deliver a great communications platform for most businesses. brochure  Jive Video

  • Base Pricing*: 1-4 $29.95, 5-9 $25.85, 10-24 $23.95, 25-49 $21.95, 50+ $19.95
  • Highly competitive flexible plans for small to medium companies.

8x8 Cloud Solution for Voice.8x8, located in San Jose, California, is a global Cloud Solution provider. Offering one system for all communications, like voice, video, collaboration or hosted call centers, 8x8 provides VoIP services to both small business and enterprise sized organizations. Constantly rated in the industry as one of the best cloud solutions that's easy to setup, they offer one of the most suitable plans for businesses that need to make International calls, including call centers.

Their X Series for Small Business Cloud Service Plans include the X2, X3, X5 and X6 plans. Each successive plan is designed with a larger feature set and each plan comes with a built-in unlimited number of International calling minutes to a specific country group. They offer 24/7 customer support and an impressive online knowledge base. brochure  8x8 Virtual Office Video

  • Base Pricing*: X2 $28.00, X3 $38.00, X5 $60.00, X6 $115.00
  • They offer exceptional International calling plans and great contact center solutions.

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The best choice for your PBX phone system.With four plans RingCentral's award winning Office® can meet just about any companies' needs?

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