RingCentral RingEX Review

Updated: June 20, 2024

Over time, RingCentral has developed an award-winning, reliable, and robust business communications platform with an impressive array of features suitable for any business size. RingCentral reviews as one of the best cloud-based phone systems anywhere.Their phone, video meetings, and messaging services, formerly known as MVP, have established their service as a premier integrated communications solution. Now rebranded as RingEX, this platform offers a comprehensive UCaaS solution powered by RingSense Artificial Intelligence. Celebrating its 25th anniversary, RingCentral has successfully integrated AI into phone, SMS, voicemails, video, and messaging. Their service enhances every interaction to remain more fluid and insightful, making communications seamless and straightforward.

RingCentral RingEX- Description, Plans and Pricing

RingCentral RingEX automated note-taking tool.RingEX offers three service plans. Each plan is designed to maximize a specific set of features within a monthly cost, providing customers a choice for an affordable solution. All three plans incorporate unlimited calls in both the U.S.A. and Canada and unlimited business text messaging. Each includes a mobile app for Android devices and iOS.
RingEX offers both monthly and annual subscription pricing options between each plan. The following details explain the fundamental differences of each plan. Note: Prices below reflect the annual payment subscription price shown as a monthly amount.

  1. Core (Message and Phone) at $20./mo. per user (When paid yearly- a 33% reduction from the monthly rate.) offers Unlimited domestic calling, SMS and MMS, IVR, AI-generated Meeting Summaries and Highlights, plus Analytics for IT administrators.
  2. Advanced (Message, Video, Phone) at $25./mo. per user when paid annually. Including everything in the Core plan, plus Auto call recording, advanced call handling, CRM integrations, multi-site management, Internet fax and more.
  3. Ultra (Message, Video, Phone, Open API) at $35./mo. delivers everything in the Advanced package plus Unlimited AI-powered video meetings up to 200 participants, whiteboards and messaging, file sharing, storage, and an analytic business suite.

RingSense AI capabilities for RingEX include:

By integrating these AI features, RingEX enhances user interactions, delivering more effective and streamlined communications.

  • Real-time note-taking: Automatically captures and organizes meeting notes as the conversation happens, ensuring significant details aren't overlooked.
  • AI-generated distilled summaries, notes, action items, and recording highlights: It creates concise summaries and highlights from meetings and conversations, generating actionable items and valuable notes for easy reference.
  • Unread message recap: Provides a summary of unread messages, allowing users to quickly catch up on missed communications without having to read through every separate message.
  • AI writer and translator for messages: Assists in composing and translating messages, ensuring clear and accurate communication, enhancing productivity.
  • Generative AI search: Utilizes AI to perform advanced searches across communications, documents, and recordings, rapidly delivering relevant information.
  • Powerful conversation intelligence: Analyzes conversations to provide insights and trends as a tool to improve communication strategies and decision-making.

A standout feature of any RingEX plan is its effortless deployment and admin management. The backend control panel boasts a smart, clean interface that is intuitive and user-friendly. Activating a plan takes just minutes, and additional users can be connected instantly. Users appreciate the simplicity of managing their communications system from anywhere.

Conclusion- RingEX Review, Pros and Cons:

Ringcentral, a leading choice.RingEX represents a leading choice for mid-sized and larger businesses that want to advance their communications with integrated AI for message, video, and voice.

RingCentral RingEX offers exceptional value with its multi-channel communications compared to many competitors. Their website clearly outlines plan features and allows users to view lower annual pricing versus monthly payments. While more affordable alternatives exist, RingEX delivers a robust reliable platform to over 400,000 organizations by integrating their collaborative UCaaS software. Their tiered pricing benefits expanding businesses wanting to include other features at a later time.

Businesses routinely declare they can all use the conferencing tools and phone features from each of their locations as if we were in the same office. Reviews from users regularly place RingEX it in the highest tier (4.0 to 4.2 out of 5) for a cloud-based phone system. Infrequently some reviews mention a learning curve to feel comfortable navigating the system. However, once acquired, they state it's relatively straightforward. And a few customers complained about their experiences with customer support and renewals on their contracts.

  • High quality, reliable unified communication voice and video and messaging.
  • Easy and intuitive interface for each communication app.
  • Extensive collaboration and messaging app that integrates AI tools.
  • Offers integration with many popular third-party apps and CRM software.
  • Businesses must pay annually to obtain the best price. The Core Plan is $20.00/mo. per user paid annually, while paying monthly goes to $30.00/mo. per user. That's a whopping 50% increase.
  • As a provider known for serving large companies, very small businesses sometimes feel they don't receive personalized attention and support.
  • Some users have complained about customer support.


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