RingCentral MVP- One app with Integrated Message, Video and Phone

Three Communication Solutions Integrated in One Cloud PBX app

The most successful companies will recognize that advancing to an integrated cloud PBX solution can bring everyone, regardless of location, together in one place.

More customers are choosing RingCentral MVP because it offers everything for business connections in one app. Hosted VoIP the way it should be, multi-channel communications.

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Home worker juggling phone, computer and files.When communication apps and CRM resources lack integration work quickly becomes arduous. Juggling between numerous applications regularly causes stress and inaccuracies. Efficient home employees repeatedly affirm that when resources are easy to access, customers often receive swift outcomes. Unified communication platforms with chat, video and phone combined remain a favorite with customer service agents.

Designed with three components, Message, Video and Phone, RingCentral's cloud PBX platform is designed for business owners with users in mind.

Almost overnight companies are finding the need to transition from working in the office to working at home.

Social distancing requirements have now demanded owners reevaluate how they'll provide business communications to home working employees. A successful home work transition has shown to both increase work productivity and employee satisfaction. Achieving success is often a result of implementing a carefully designed cloud-based communication app that integrates essential communication tools with business CRM software.

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Many managers have recently announced that going forward a significant portion of their workforce needs not return to the office. They currently recognize the importance of an investment in UC software and cloud-based PBX apps. And appreciate having one vendor for multi-channel communications rather than two or three. Office workers have stated a preference to work from home and often confirm that given the right tools, are more productive. The trend towards remote workers is likely to accelerate. Some business pundits have suggested that an increase in software and communication solutions costs will be offset by a decrease in office rental expenses.

The Best Integrated Hosted VoIP App- RingCentral MVP

RingCentral video integrated app.Video

What many managers comment they require, along with "easy" and "reliable", is a preference for using one vendor with one app, in which everything integrates. Remote meetings need to be initiated simply.
RingCentral MVP offers one-click to join meetings and easy screen sharing.


RingCentral collaboration tools with team messaging.Message

The objective for most team managers is to offer tools that facilitate team collaboration. The favorable culmination of most projects requires each and every team member the ability to provide their expertise when its needed. The management and sharing of resources all in one place through Message is a critical part of the RingCentral app.


RingCentral cloud PBX phone software.Phone

Home workers need their tools to be easy to setup.
Business managers expect a service to include a smooth installation without any cumbersome requirements. RingCentral MVP offers a dedicated onboarding specialist to ensure a straightforward process and offers preconfigured IP phones that directly connect to the employee's existing home internet service. The result is you'll only need to set aside a few minutes rather than a couple of days.

The RingCentral Office app offers an affordable straightforward mechanism for business owners to implement an effective unified communication solution. Workers gain uncomplicated efficient access to their resources, co-workers, and customers from any remote location. Managers gain one app from one vendor that integrates video, message, and phone.

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