About Hotel Phone Systems

A Hotel Phone System Should be Specifically Designed for Hospitality

Hotels and hospitality business phone systems require specific sets of features for their staff to be efficient and guests pleased. Hotel desk manager.Both operational tasks and administration functions should integrate with property management and guest services for a total communications solution. Changes have taken place in the way people prefer to communicate. Guests currently choose to use their smart phones for payment, texting, SMS messaging and outside calling. Businesses now need to be able to accommodate these preferences to improve customer experience. Some hospitality systems include an app designed for guest mobile devices that enables access to hotel services on the move. Modification in the hotel's guestroom telephone use have also taken place. Guestroom phones are no longer being utilized for outside calling, eliminating both the revenue source and the justification for recurring phone replacement.

Choosing the Right PBX Hotel Phone System

When it comes to hospitality there is no "one size fits all." The best solution merges communications with the preferred property management and guest reservation solutions.

Hotel managers currently look to furnish enhanced cost-effective communication solutions among staff and are adopting alternative communication methods to provide efficiencies. When considering hospitality solutions consideration needs to be given to both cost and technology. Most hosted VoIP providers offer telephone services that can be genuinely impressive incorporating the latest features. However, the cost can be prohibitive as most providers charge by the seat or phone. Who wants to pay a reoccurring monthly fee for every guestroom phone which isn't being utilized? And pay for feature sets that are predominantly designed for productive contact center employees or remote team collaboration. However, there are specific companies that do offer hospitality systems that are hosted in the cloud.

Reports show that 75% of business travelers rate WiFi access as vital. Over half indicate that mobile apps elevate their experience.

For most hotels the preferred option remains an on-premise IP-PBX solution that include apps designed explicitly for the hospitality industry. Selecting the appropriate PBX platform from an experienced provider that specializes in hotels will ensure a practical solution. Both an understanding of the hospitality business and a established record of hotel deployments are recommended when making a decision.


Hotel guest work desk showing computer, coffee and PC.Along with convenience and efficiency business travelers look for quick access to coffee and breakfast. Reliable WiFi along with comfortable desks with power options in both their rooms and lobbies are a must. Corporate travelers expect high quality technology to be in place for use during their stay and at the time of making reservations.


Expectations of business guests are to focus on work while in residence not managing travel logistics. The use of mobile check-in along with hotel staff that are aware of their guests needs proves to be significant when future visits are decided.


Telecom has changed. No one wants to get caught with a proprietary PBX system that won't work with less costly highly effective hospitality applications. The best hotel PBXs are uniquely designed solutions.

Hotel desk phone being dialed.Hotels typically desire solutions that incorporate hotel operations, serving their guests requests and security. Well designed systems should integrate with applications like PMS, voicemail and wakeup, operator and reservations and wireless services. The appropiate solution ensures operational efficiencies and at the same time lowers costs through well-organized workflows.

Which Companies Offer the Best hotel phone Systems?

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