Four Low Cost Hotel Phone Systems

4 Affordable Phone Systems Specifically Designed for Small Hotels

Hotel reception desk with advanced check-in.An efficient hospitality phone system not only needs to interface with various PMS systems, but streamline check-in/check-out process, report room status and minibar, and manage wake-up calls. Hospitality phone systems are genuinely unique and differ from any other phone system in that room guests are being provided and charged for services they use. So, while the hotel staff continue day-to-day work updates on the PMS (Property Management Systems), the phone system is automatically revised with the current status of the rooms and the services that guests use.

Hotels require phone systems that will integrate with existing equipment and applications and incorporate sufficient technology to improve room management, energy efficiency, and guest-friendly amenities. Recent telephony systems have revolutionized the hospitality industry and enabled hotels to offer customers outstanding multi-channel support and personalized communication. Small to medium-sized economy hotels regularly notice that guests rate ease of interaction with staff and communication as a dominant factor when leaving reviews.


Industry experts also find hotels that use advanced applications tailored for the hospitality industry repeatedly experience an improvement in customer ratings. Which increases occupancy rates and revenues. Better guest reviews do more than just insure current revenue, they often drive an increase in a hotel's average daily rate (ADR).

Although most small hotels share many of the same requirements, each individual situation remains unique. Routinely a hospitality telecom professional can present the most effective solution that's in your budget.

As a hotelier looking for a new hospitality phone system, frequently the preferred solution is to compare quotes based on your needs. We have listed these four affordable hotel phone systems, each of which provides an exceptional value. However, specific circumstances often confirm one system or an even totally different hospitality phone solution better than the alternatives. Take a minute to answer a few simple questions without obligation to find the perfect hospitality phone system for your hotel business.


When possible, using existing equipment, such as room phones, lowers costs substantially. A few open-standard hotel phone systems work with several different telephones.

These four hotel phone systems remain among the most cost effective hospitality solutions for small two and
three star hotels that need to maintain
a more modest budget. Each system
stands capable of integrating with
hotel software and various existing devices.
This enables hoteliers to potentially gain even
further overall cost reductions, while still attaining valuable advancements in the latest technology.


four Low Cost Hospitality
phone systems Tailored for Budget Hotels

Mitel Hospitality Applications HotelMitel has remained an industry leader in the hospitality industry for over 50 years and has designed various solutions to enhance the communication and guest experience in hotels. One of which is the MiVoice Office 400 hospitality package, a focused cost-effective solution for growing 2-star and 3-star budget hotels and motels that want to incorporate advanced technology to improve room management, energy efficiency, and guest-friendly amenities. The Office 400 IP-PBX, either cloud-based or on-premise, merges with existing property management systems, incorporating flexibility to streamline workflows, reduce staff workloads, and deliver services more efficiently. This IP-PBX, with full IP functionality and SIP trunking capability, offers an all-in-one solution designed for smaller North American hotels with a simple licensing model to meet modest business budgets, with either upfront or subscription-based pricing. Mitel MiVoice Hospitality Brochure

  • On-premise or cloud-based IP-PBX. $$
  • Small to midsize 2-star and 3-star budget hotels. Boutique and Select Service Hotels. (Independent hotels and multi-location properties).


Grandstream logo.Grandstream UCM6300 provides an easy-to-manage hybrid communication platform for hospitality businesses of all sizes. Hotels that need to maintain analog phone lines can build an internal VoIP system and maintain their existing service contracts. Or they can use SIP trunks for lower cost VoIP calling. Incorporating thousands of voice, video, data and mobility features and no licensing fees to bring all endpoints together and create a truly integrated hospitality network. The UCM6300 integrates with existing property management systems (PMS), allowing any hotel to unify their communications and management platforms. Furthermore, Grandstream manufactures numerous different plug-and-play endpoints, like video cameras for security, mobile devices, access points for guest WiFi connectivity, intercom and speakers, and video conferencing that seamlessly integrate into the system. For a small hotel looking to build out a unified communication system it's an outstanding choice. Grandstream Hospitality Solutions Guide

  • On-premises IP-PBX. $$
  • Found in small to large hotels (Accor Hotels, Swiss Spirit HotelIHG, Crowne Plaza, Best Western, Hilton, Marriott, etc.).

Yeastar logo.Yeastar P-series IP-PBX integrates an embedded PMS (Property Management Systems) interface that's compatible with a majority of hotel phones. It supports a mix of analog and IP networking and offers call accounting, voicemail, room status, and many other hospitality-centric features. Users found it was easy to integrate with present systems and intuitively designed for ease-of-use. Businesses receive all telephony and VoIP features typically required, plus an easy-to-administer system that won't require dedicated IT assistance. The Yeastar P-series IP-PBX provides a leading affordable integrated system that will streamline hotel internal and guest-to-front-desk communications. With numerous small hotel installations worldwide Yeastar has become a leading brand for hospitality solutions. Yeastar P-Series Hospitality Brochure 

  • On-premises IP-PBX. $$
  • Found in small to large luxury resorts (Wyndham, Avana, Grand Hotel Olimpo, Sant'Angelo Luxury Resort).


3CX logo.3CX PBX with Hotel Module is software optimized for internal and guest-to-front-desk communication. It's an affordable self-managed on-premise or in-the-cloud IP-PBX that integrates with most existing PMS systems, as well as several existing IP phones and other devices. It's an open-standards IP PBX that offers complete Unified Communications. The cost is based on one modest annual fee, depending on the overall system size, not a per user license and can be placed in the company's private cloud (i.e. Google cloud, Amazon, etc.) or on a server on-premises. 3CX should represent a leading choice for any budget hotel to gain modern hotel functionality at a significantly more affordable cost. It's best for companies that retain capable IT personnel or align with a professional who is capable of installing, configuring, and managing the system. 3CX Phone System Brochure

  • IP-PBX phone system for Windows or Linux. $ to $$
  • Found in small to medium hotels (Holiday Inn Express, Best Western, Ramada Plaza, etc.).