BCM50 Administration Mike's PBX Tips

Mike's PBX technician help for BCM Nortel/Avaya users.How to Connect to the BCM50 and Download The Business Element Manager application

Connecting to Nortel BCM50.

PBX tip.First a tip. To access the BCM50 use the OAM RJ45 port which is the one to the very left. You'll know you have the correct port because it displays an emblem of a computer just below it. You'll want to have a laptop so that you can connect via an Ethernet cable at the KSU location. After accessing the system Business Element Manger is available for download onto your PC.

Nortel BCM50 Web interface.How to Connect up to a Nortel/Avaya BCM50 and Download Business Element Manager


Start by Connecting an Ethernet Cable from Your PC to the OAM port on the BCM50.

Nortel BCM50 Business Element manager downlaod location.


Once you access your BCM50 the welcome screen offers several options. Administrator Applications is where you'll find the Element Manager.


Once you download Business Element Manager and install the app, you'll be able to manage your phone system.


For those that need to download the Business Element Manager software, but aren't able to get it from the KSU you should be able to get it here BCM50 Element Manager Software

Nortel BCM50 KSU phone system.About Nortel/Avaya BCM50

About Norstar phone systems.In 1988, Nortel developed the Meridian Norstar system as a way to compete directly with the AT&T Merlin phone system. Later Nortel renamed the Meridian Norstar, the Nortel Norstar. Nortel was at a later date taken over by Avaya, who made many of the Nortel products, one being the BCM. The Norstar, is a very popular PBX with many out in the field, still powering thousands of companies' telecommunications needs. Whether it's the original Nortel BCM50 or the Avaya BCM50, these same phone systems have been taking care of thousands and thousands of businesses in North America, and will continue to do so.