Top Asterisk-based on-premise IP-PBX Choices

Best On-Premise IP-PBX Business Phone Systems based-on Asterisk®

Top two Asterisk-based UC IP-PBX Appliance Manufacturers

IP-PBX salesman, best business phone system solution.Our criteria for selecting the two best on-premise Asterisk-based IP-PBX systems included factors like the initial price, as well as the total cost of ownership over time. We also expected an easy to use GUI incorporating built-in how-to help along with user-friendly intuitive configuration rules. An equally critical consideration was uncomplicated phone provisioning for users who prefer to install and manage the system themselves.

Our two top on-premise Asterisk-based UC IP-PBXs; Number one, the Grandstream UCM6302. Number two, Sangoma's PBXact appliances.

Our two leading choices each deliver an impressive array of built-in integrated Unified Communication features which allow remote users to connect securely and collaborate effectively. Additionally, both platforms support system expansion, within its limits, with the ability to turn on a feature without incurring any license fees.
Our focus, therefore, was primarily on UC components, reliability, ease of installation, cost, and the ability for self-management and administration. Plus, the ability to obtain support from the manufacturer.

The preferable choice is to select phones from the same manufacturer for ease of installation and consistent operation.

Each of the systems is capable of utilizing any SIP standard phone; however, electing to install the manufacturer's phones proved to remain the optimal choice, contributing to simple straightforward provisioning and smooth configuration. Plus, support from the manufacturer expanded significantly when their own phones were employed.

Lastly, too often an effective affordable system comes along from a PBX company only to be discontinued. With countless changes continuing within the telecom and communications industry, recognition of each manufacturer's resources and perseverance was considered.

Pbxmechanic pick for best on-premise Asterisk-based UC IP-PBX.Number 1 - Grandstream on-premise UCM IP-PBX Systems- UCM6300 Series

Grandstream UCM6302 IP-PBX VoIP Appliance

Grandstream's Asterisk-based UCM6300 IP-PBX series is unquestionably carefully designed to be a comprehensive unified communications solution. Many businesses now require cost-effective communication with voice, video, chat, and mobility implemented by one on-premise server. The UCM6302 supports up to 1,000 users and 150 G.711 concurrent calls with up to 200 SIP trunks under one centralized network. The platform, based upon Asterisk v16, incorporates voice, fax, video calling, video conferencing, chat, analytics, mobility options, facility access, and intercom.

Rear view of the UCM6302.Starting with the initial installation using the Setup Wizard, Grandstream has designed straightforward processes all the way through to the management of the system. Owners additionally gain access to direct support from Grandstream, including a considerable number of how-to videos and documentation, plus an active online support community.
The 6300 series appliances offer an advanced feature-set that is as robust and stable and secure as any IP-PBX on the market. Furthermore, the UCM63xx series IP-PBX appliances deliver enterprise-grade features without any licensing fees, costs-per-feature, or recurring fees. For those that want a robust VoIP appliance, the UCM6302 offers easy SIP trunk configuration for connecting up to SIP providers and Peer-to Peer connectivity. For more about the advantages and cost savings of using SIP Trunks. Sip Trunking

The on-premise UCM6302 VoIP UC IP-PBX
Highlighted Features

Updated January 27, 2022

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