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Best On-Premise IP-PBX Business Phones Systems for 2018

Top two IP-PBX UC Appliance Manufacturers, Software and IP Phones

IP-PBX salesman, best business phone system solution.Our criteria for our two best on-premise IP-PBX systems included factors such as the initial expense, as well as the total cost of ownership, built-in and user friendly features, reliability, ease of installation, management and administration. Two additional considerations were the ability to expand the system without any license fees and available support from on line communities and the manufacturer so that companies with IT personnel can manage the voice side of the LAN, as well as the rest of the network.

The ability to use many of the available SIP phones on the market and not be married to any particular phone was another important condition. Although the first choice with a new installation is to pick phones from the same manufacturer for ease of installation, a more reliable feature set without hiccups, as well as better and easier support from the manufacturer, however many companies want the ability to use Polycom, Yealink, or other popular SIP phones.

Lastly, too many times a good affordable system comes along from a PBX company only to be discontinued, either from financial problems causing bankruptcy, reorganization, or a competitor's take-over and then a decision to discontinue of the product, perhaps because it competes too well with their other products.

Both manufacturers of our two choices have proven to have staying power, strong businesses with a line of proven products and both offer a line of appliances from small to large and build their own SIP compliant IP telephones.

1 - Grandstream UCM IP-PBX Systems- UCM6200 Series and the UCM6510

Grandstream UCM 6200 Series IP-PBX Appliance

Grandstream's award winning UCM IP-PBX appliances.Grandstream's Asterisk based UCM6200 ip-pbx series is really designed well to be a centralized solution for many of todays business communication needs, from voice, video, data, or mobility. Having one common network for multiple endpoints, including video conferencing, video surveillance and facility access management makes life easier for admin and reduces overall costs and network issues.
From the very start with an easy straight forward installation process through to management of the system, Grandstream offers not only a very intuitive GUI, but endpoint products that take the guess work out of compatibility (Zero Config provisioning of Grandstream SIP endpoints.). Users have access to direct support from Grandstream, including a large amount of how-to videos and documentation and an online support community.
The feature set is as robust and stable as any IP-PBX on the market that might cost five times as much, as it is Asterisk on Linux, which is hardened by Grandstream's design and thorough testing. The UCM62xx series IP-PBX appliances deliver enterprise-grade features without any licensing fees, costs-per-feature or recurring fees.

The UCM6200 series includes the UCM6202, UCM204 and UCM6208 (each defined by the number of FXO ports, two, four or eight).
A quick look under the hood.
Grandstream UCM 6510 Series IP-PBX Appliance
a quick look under the hood.
Some of the prime features Grandstream has incorporated into their UCM appliances:

Full Featured UC Appliance with Hotel Management app and video conferencing solutions.

Affordability comes without sacrificing quality or advanced solutions. Grandstream offers an award winning array of video conferencing solutions, video surveillance, as well as facility management and a Hotel Management application.

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