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Best On-Premise Asterisk® based IP-PBX Business Phone Systems, continued.

Top two on-premise IP-PBX UC Appliance Manufacturers

Sangoma, incorporates all of our initially discussed requirements (see part one: Best On Premise PBX Manufacturers) into a well-thought out Asterisk-based IP-PBX server appliance, the PBXact. It utilizes open-source FreePBX and provides a fully-featured UC platform that enables employees to work in the office or at home. PBXact appliances have been meticulously tested for flawless operation under various conditions and then locked. Sangoma then subsequently provides several optional levels of support. For companies that require SLAs (Service Level Agreements), these support options can be significant.
For companies that demand individual granular control, the open-source FreePBX version incorporates the quintessential server choice, because they have been designed by Sangoma, owner of Asterisk and FreePBX.

Number 2 - Sangoma PBXact Series Customizable On-Premise IP-PBX Communication Systems

Sangoma provides a direct one-step conversion of an existing FreePBX deployment to PBXact.

Sangoma's PBXacy PBX appliances.PBXact appliances, based on FreePBX, come pre-loaded and are rigorously tested for dependable optimal performance. These on-premise IP-PBX systems are the only officially supported hardware solution for FreePBX. Sangoma's 38 year history of manufacturing telephony cards provided a substantial foundation in the Asterisk PBX world.
Deployment and configuration becomes straightforward when employing Zero Touch Provisioning using Sangoma's IP phones. FreePBX, the GUI front end of Asterisk, is easy-to-use and frequently referred to by users as uncomplicated.

PBXact on-premise systems provide everything you need right out of the box. Unified Communication that incorporates desktop and mobile clients to provide video conferencing, screen-sharing and presence control.

Sangoma IP phones.Sangoma has produced a line of IP-PBXs that can handle almost any size organization from 25 to 2000 users. PBXact hardware ranges from the PBXact 25 and to the PBXact 2001. The model number indicates the maximum number of extensions. For instance, the PBXact 40 is able to handle 40 users and 30 simultaneous calls, ideal for small professional offices. The PBXact 60 incorporates 2 PCI Express slots for FXO, FXS or T1/PRI cards. PBXact remains moderate in cost, incorporates an outstanding feature-set, and will lower communication expenses, especially when converting to VoIP employing SIP trunks. Sangoma also manufactures an impressive line of IP phones, designed exclusively for PBXact, that, when matched with any of their appliances, include Zero Touch Provisioning.

Full Featured on-premise IP-PBX solution with an advanced Contact Center app.

PBXact includes an impressive array of built-in features. Additionally, you can incorporate ready-to-go apps that extend the capabilities of the system.

When incorporating specialty apps, PBXact provides a leading choice for inbound contact centers, hospitality solutions and facilities that require an urgent notification system.


PBXact an on-premise UC PBX solution.Both Grandstream and Sangoma continue to deliver impressive affordable Asterisk-based UC IP-PBX systems. As well as impressive SIP standard IP phones. By leveraging successful open-source platforms of Asterisk, FreePBX and Linux, both these systems were developed as powerful, cost-effective on-premise unified communication solutions.

Both Grandstream and Sangoma have an extensive and impressive history of high standards, quality products and financial stability. This leads us to the conviction that both companies should remain in business and as industry leaders. An underlying consideration when investing in a product that will be driving your communications for many years to come. Additionally, PBXact is commercially supported by skilled in-house support staff. Sangoma does require users to open up a ticket through a support portal.

Adopting the appropriate affordable solution consists of scalability for future growth, ease of UC system integration, and lowering of ongoing costs by establishing SIP trunking and VoIP. For those companies that maintain staff capable of administering an on-premise IP-PBX, either one of these systems should measure up as a leading choice. PBXact represents a favorable choice using the SPM app for an in-bound contact center and hospitality by incorporating the Sangoma Property Manager application. The Grandstream UCM6302 would be an exceptional selection for companies that require video surveillance integration, as Grandstream manufacturers numerous camera endpoints. And for those companies that prefer granular control to implement a purposeful solution.
In closing, owners soon realize that either of these UC systems lower costs substantially by not requiring an additional license fee every time, you add an extension or endpoint. And those that require greater flexibility with lower unified communication expenses, you should consider using a SIP trunk.

Updated January 27, 2022

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