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PBX - Phone System Default Passwords

Let's face it, many older systems out in the field still have the factory default credentials in use and are a way to connect to these systems. PBX techs that change the defaults, which is good practice and critically important for any IP-PBX or VoIP system, should always give that information to someone of authority at the company whose owns the telephone system. In any event, here is a list of some PBXs and their default passwords. If your system uses default passwords, change them with strong passwords making sure to keep records and that all responsible parties have that information.

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Here are many PBX system default credentials, usernames and default passwords for several PBX phone systems

PBX Telephone system's default password list for quick access

Business PBX telephone system's default passwords are often needed and this list is offered for owners and PBX techs as a fast quick access resource and should only be used for authorized access. No one wants to have to default a system, especially without a back up configuration file, so any resource to save time and expense is worthwhile.

PBX Default Passwords for Avaya, Comdial, Iwatsu, Mitel, Nortel, Panasonic, Samsung and Vertical

The following list starts with the PBX system after which you will find the Username and then the password. Notes are listed for helpful tips.

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