Digium and Switchvox Manuals

Switchvox Phone System Administration Manual and Digium Telephone Guides for Download

Digium, an Alabama based company developed and produced Switchvox, an Asterisk-based IP-PBX along with IP telephones. The company was acquired by Sangoma, who currently manufacture products at the facility.
Here you will find several of their popular phone guides and well as their Switchvox system administrator guide.

Digium IP Phone Guides and IP-PBX Administration Manual.

Download Digium telephone manuals for the D6 series and D80 phones. These IP phones were designed for Asterisk and are compatable with a number of PBXs, like Yeastar, Grandstrem UCM, FreePBX, etc.


Digium IP Telephone Guides

Digium IP Phones Quick Brochure
Digium IP Phone Quick Setup Guide
Digium D6X series IP Phone User Guide
Digium D80 Phone Quick Guide
Digium Softphone app Setup and User Guide


Switchvox Administration Manual

Switchvox Quick Start Guide
Switchvox Extension User Guide
Switchvox User Manual
Switchvox Administration Manual

About Digium and Sangoma

Ipitomy company information.Digium, Inc., based in Huntsville, Alabama, is a communications technology company that was created in 1999 by founder Mark Spencer, the creator of Asterisk software. The company's main products consist of Switchvox, the Asterisk-based VoIP business phone system, and Digium IP phones. Sangoma Technologies Corporation purchased Digium in 2018 and continues to operate the business in Alabama under the Sangoma name. The acquisition brought together Asterisk, and FreePBX, both open source software, into one company. Asterisk remains an open-source communication development platform, while FreePBX consists of an open-source PBX, built on Asterisk.