GXP Phone Reset 

How to do a Factory Reset on Grandstream GXP Phones

Grandstream GXP telephone.Completing a factory reset on Grandstream GXP IP phones restores the original configuration like it was when you got the phone. After successful completion, the first thing you might see is a much older date displayed on the LCD screen. 1900-01-02 is the default date shown when the phone does not get a NTP response.

The following reset instructions are good for most GXP phones, including the Grandstream GXP 2000, GXP 2010, and GXP 2020, plus Grandstream GXP 2100, GXP 2110, GXP 2120, GXP 2124, GXP 1405, GXP 1400, and the GXP 1450.

First disconnect any Ethernet cables while keeping power connected to the Grandstream phone
NOTE: Restoring the Factory Default Settings will delete all the configuration information of the phone.

  • First, press the round Menu button on the right side of the phone to access items in the menu tree.
  • Using the arrow button, navigate the UI menu to the item Config. Press OK, which will enter the submenu.
  • Use the arrow button to navigate to Factory Reset. Press OK which will bring up a blank box where the MAC address of the phone will need to be entered. (The MAC address will be found on the backside of the phone.)
  • Factory reset screen for Grandstream GXP phone.Enter the MAC address by using 0-9 for numbers. For the letter A, press 22 (Pressing the 2 key twice will result in A showing in the box on the screen.) For B, press 222, for C, press 2222, for D, press 33, for E, press 333 and lastly for F, press 3333. If the MAC has digits like 22, you will need to type 2, then press the right arrow key to move the cursor or wait for 4 seconds to continue to key in another 2.
  • Upon entering and verifying the correct MAC address of the phone has been entered, next press the OK key again to move the cursor to OK button.
  • Next Press the OK button again to confirm and complete the reset.

If you are having a problem completing a factory reset.

There could be a few reasons that a factory reset will not work on a phone. The following are possible explanations:

  • The MAC address has to be correct. You must enter the MAC exactly. GXP Phones require the exact MAC address in alphabets and numbers to match.
  • The phone could be from a source that has locked the phone with settings that cannot be changed through an ordinary reset.
  • The phone's configuration may have the setting -Lock Keypad Update to Yes on the Web Configuration. If this setting has been set, then the Factory Reset will not get initiated.

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