Grasshopper Phone Service

Grasshopper virtaul phone system users.Grasshopper phone service offers small businesses a convenient way to advance their communications to present a professional image. Designed to enhance your current phone service, Grasshopper's virtual phone service makes it easy to acknowledge every call in a businesslike manner. Use either your existing smart phone or your phone service at home. You start by picking a number and a plan (Or port a number you currently maintain.) When customers call that number, they are presented with a professional automated greeting directing them to the appropriate person or department. The Grasshopper phone system will manage calls the way you require them to be handled. It's exceptionally straightforward and works with your smartphone and/or computer.

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Here's How Grasshopper Mobile Phone Service will Grow Your Business

Grasshopper Phone offers vanity, local and toll-free virtual phone numbers. Each of their three main plans includes the entire set of features.

Grasshopper's cloud phone system is designed to employ virtual phone numbers that are then directed using VoIP to your current phone service on any device that you employ. You can have calls forwarded to your smart phone or a phone at home. You'll never have to miss another important call because Grasshopper indicates when an incoming call is business. Furthermore, utilizing their uncomplicated platform, you possess the mechanism to specifically control those calls.

Grasshopper phone service does not require any auxiliary equipment. It's designed to work with your existing cell phone or landline service.

When a customer calls the system's automated attendant answers the call offering options. You set options, so the right person receives the call or you can have it go to voicemail during specific hours.
Listen to an example of a main greeting.

Grasshopper Instant Response is great for busy sales people.Using the Grasshopper incoming call app, you can totally customize how and when you receive calls. You can set specific hours, an away greeting or offer alternative options depending on time or day of the week. Your customers experience a custom greeting, an attendant with multiple options, a name directory and on-hold music.
Flexibility is especially necessary for very small companies with limited employees and mobile entrepreneurs. One feature that entrepreneurs genuinely like is instant response. When a call from a potential client can't be taken, Grasshopper can automatically send a response text message letting them know you’re unavailable. They can even respond with their call-back details. No one wants to lose out on a current prospect.

All Grasshopper Plans include:

  • Grasshopper phone and PC app.Mobile + Desktop Apps
  • Business Texting
  • VoIP + WiFi Calling
  • Call Forwarding
  • Voicemail + Read Your Voicemail
  • Simultaneous Call Handling
  • Virtual Fax
  • Extensions
  • Custom Greetings
  • Incoming Call Control
  • Call Transfers
  • Business Phone Number
  • Instance Response
  • Reporting
Pros and Cons of Grasshopper Phone Service

Grasshopper is unique. Unlike a traditional hosted VoIP service, you're not replacing an existing phone service, but adding a beneficial service. Grasshopper offers a virtual phone service tied to an existing phone service, such as your existing smart phone.

  • You won't need any new hardware. Your one phone is used for both business and personal, keeping both separate. Your personal phone number remains private to business clients.
  • Call screening options regularly rated ten out of ten by users.
  • Call and text using VoIP from anywhere using an internet connection.
  • Established company with thousands of small business customers. No credit card required. Free trial.
  • Easy to have up and operational in minutes. Easy to use with a great mobile app.
  • Can choose local or toll-free virtual numbers or a vanity number.
  • Work from anywhere taking calls and using business texting.
  • 24/7 US-based support with lots of helpful small business guidance.
  • Must pay yearly for best price.
  • No call recording or video conferencing.
  • Infrequent broken voice on a call.
  • Random inaccuracies with voicemail transcription.

What We Really Like About Grasshopper

Grasshopper business phone user.Grasshopper has many admirable components, the first of which is it's an added service to your existing phone service. Grasshopper's virtual phone service is designed to work over and upon your existing landline or smart phone service. That turns out to be a big advantage for those that do not want to replace their current smart phone service. Rather than having to completely change your existing communications, you're adding a carefully designed business communication platform to enhance your current service. That makes it an unquestionably excellent fit for many sole proprietorships or small new companies with two, three or even ten employees who currently utilize smartphones.
Examples include individual real-estate agents who find the service offers them enhanced tools for customer interaction. And teams of agents prize the platform as a group add-on for each individual agent. Grasshopper bands them together as a unit for efficient management. Home inspectors commonly utilize the virtual fax feature, appreciating how easy it is to receive faxes as attachments when out in the field.

Grasshopper indeed does succeed in providing powerful tools. It's a platform that improves how a very small business handles their customers. It's affordable and will scale up as a new business adds additional employees.