Brother Fax Machine VoIP Settings

VoIP Settings for HP Fax Machines

HP All-In-One and Fax machines are in many home offices and small businesses, including those using VoIP for their sole communications connections. Many older HP fax machines offered ways to make the necessary configuration changes to successfully fax over VoIP. These changes are to set the BAUD rate to 9600bps and disable ECM (Error Correction Mode). We have listed the instructions for those who have HP fax machines (or All-in-One machines) and are now choosing VoIP.

These two settings should allow faxes to successfully transmit over VoIP.

1) Lowering the speed for VoIP on many HP Fax Machines

How to Lower the Transmission Speed on many HP Fax Machines to 9600
  • Press Setup.
  • Select Advanced Fax Setup, then press OK.
  • Select Fax Speed, then press OK.
  • Select Slow which is V.29 and will transmit at 9600bps.
  • The press OK.

Or you may find the following settings appropriate for many later model OfficeJet All-in-One machines.

  • On the control panel, press the Right Arrow to display the second navigation screen.
  • Touch the Setup icon, then select Fax Setup.
  • Press the Down Arrow, then select Advanced Fax Setup.
  • Press the Down Arrow twice to scroll to Fax Speed.
  • Select Fax Speed and then select Slow (9600 bps). The press Home to return to the home screen.

HP fax machine.Note: HP fax machines that offer three speeds are the usually listed as Fast, Medium and Slow. The medium and slow speeds are in order 14,400bps and 9600bps. We suggest always opting for 9600bps for VoIP, as the medium speed of 14,400 in ideal circumstances could allow faxes to successfully transmit, but on days when less than ideal circumstances occur (higher latency, slight packet loss, etc.) they will fail at 14,400bps. Some VoIP connections may repeatedly fail at 14,400bps, but transmit with 9600bps.

2) Disable ECM on HP Fax Machines

How to turn off ECM:
  • Press Setup, then scroll through the Setup menu, select Fax Setup and then press OK.
  • Scroll the Fax Setup menu, then select All Faxes, and then press OK.
  • Scroll through the All Faxes menu, select Error Correction and then press OK.
  • Select the Off option and then press OK.

On HP machines ECM (Error Correction Mode) is defaulted as on. Turning off or disabling ECM will allow faxes over VoIP to continue without a retransmit, if small bits of information is missing, which can happen to data transmitted over the Internet. You will want to make sure ECM is disabled.

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