NEC SL2100 & SL1100 Manual

NEC Manuals for SL Systems

NEC SL2100 telephone for desk.NEC's SL systems have been well received for several years now. The SL2100 has been a cost effective solution for many small businesses, including the hospitality business.


NEC SL1100 PBX Guides


NEC SL1100 Quick Telephone Guide
NEC SL1100 Phone Guide
NEC SL1100 Programming Manual

NEC SL1100 Networking Manual
NEC SL1100 Programming Manual

NEC SL2100 phone system.

NEC SL2100 PBX Guides




NEC SL2100 Phone Guide
NEC SL2100 Quick Install Guide
NEC SL2100 Programming Manual
NEC SL2100 InMail Manual

NEC InHOTEL Property Management System

NEC InHotel Brochure

NEC offers a built-in property management system that is a cost effective solution for hotels and the hospitality industry.

Solutions for hotel phones.Hotels and the hospitality industry require specialized cost effective on premise solutions. If you think it's time to upgrade your hotel/motel on-premise phone system, you'll find systems have never been better and more affordable than now. Best Hospitality Phone Systems Compared

NEC SL2100 telephones and complete phone system.

For the best prices on NEC SL2100 telephones and complete phone system;
NEC SL1100 12-Button Full-Duplex Telephone
NEC SL2100 Digital 24-Button Telephone
NEC SL2100 KSU with 4 Port Voicemail and 4 Digital 24 Button Phones

About NEC Corporation

NEC Corporation company information.NEC Corporation is a Japanese multinational technology company. Providing information technology (IT) and network solutions to both large and medium sized businesses NEC was once known as the Nippon Electric Company before re-branding in 1983. Additionally, NEC makes a phone system for small businesses that is very reasonable without sacrificing a feature set that most small businesses would want.

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