Time Change Instructions for DSX

How to Change Time on your NEC DSX and DS Phone Systems

Step by step to change the time on NEC DSX and DS phones.
The system Time and Date on NEC systems must be done from extension #300. The instructions are the same for DSX and DS, The only difference is the way the DS phones identify the Speaker Button, which is noted as SPK.
  • First without lifting the handset Dial #TD from Extension 300.
  • NOTE: Do this without lifting the handset or pressing any other keys first.
  • Next Enter the time using a 24-hour format, first hours using 2 digits, then minutes using 2 digits and then seconds using 2 digits.
  • Next Press the Hold button.
  • Now Enter the Date as Month using 2 digits, then the Day using 2 digits and the Year using 4 digits.
  • To finish Press Hold again, then Speaker (or SPK) to Exit and Save.