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Norstar- How to Create a New Mailbox in a Nortel Norstar PBX

Mike's PBX technician help for users.In 1988, Nortel developed the Meridian Norstar system as a way to compete directly with the AT&T Merlin phone system. Later Nortel renamed the Meridian Norstar, the Nortel Norstar. Nortel was then at a later date taken over by Avaya, who makes many Nortel products, one of those being the BCM which was the system that replaced the Norstar. Yes, it's confusing, but that pretty much sums up the history of the Norstar, a very popular PBX. Many of these PBXs are out in the field, still powering thousands of companies' telecommunications needs.

Below we offer instructions for administering mailboxes on the Norstar system; creating a new mailbox, which is required to be done from a M7310, M7324 or T7316 telephone.

PBX tip.First a tip. If you pause between inputs for too long the system will quit and your session will end. However, the mailbox that you might have created will still exist. If that happens then use then you should select the button marked change which will allow you to finish the programming. Prepare for this admin session with the person's name, last and first and mailbox number written down.

How Admin Can Create a New Mailbox in a Nortel Norstar PBX

Start by logging into System Administration.

About Nortel PBX, two popular systems, the CICS and the MCIS.

About Norstar phone systems.Nortel Norstar CICS (Compact Integrated Communication System) and MCIS (Modular Integrated Communication System) are two of Nortel's most popular PBX systems. Both are known for dependability, with the compact system supporting from 4 to 8 incoming lines and between 8 and 24 extensions, while the larger modular system could handle up to 24 incoming lines and up to 274 extensions. The telephones that are used with these PBXs are the Nortel Norstar T-Series phones, now known as the 7000 series digital phones. Some of the telephone models are the T7406E, T7406, T7316, T7208, and T7316e. For manuals and guides to these two popular systems: Nortel ICS Guides