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Mike's PBX technician help for users.Generally there are two types of paging systems either already installed or newly installed in most premises; low power 24-volt self amplified (SA) systems and high power 70 volt central amplified (CA) systems. Each system uses its own design and features, including specific hardware. A voice paging system is a popular add-on peripheral to a PBX telephone system and one that is a must have in many businesses, including warehouses, schools, loading docks, and freight facilities. Although some small office establishments manage their paging through the desk phones, overhead paging through speakers is a preferable method. More open types of businesses overhead horns (warehouse and industrial) are the best solution.

Bogan and Valcom horns from a trusted vendor; Bogan 15 Watt Horn Valcom 5 Watt 1 way Paging Horn Valcom 15 Watt 1 way Paging Horn

Bogan and Valcom represent the go-to manufacturers for paging amplifiers, horns, speakers and know how. Below you'll find some excellent resources that explain designing, installing and the types of hardware needed for paging systems.

PBX tip.First a tip. If the phone system has a paging output, it is typically a 2-wire connection. If there is no paging interface, one will be required, a Bogan TamB2 is a great choice. Using a station line connected to the Tam-B, the user simply dials the extension number. The TAM-B recognizes the 90V ring signal, accepts the call and then
complete the call to the paging system. For great prices from a trusted source:  Bogan TamB2 with power supply.


Cisco SPA112 VoIP ATA.The Cisco SPA112 has two FXS ports to connect to traditional telephones and other analog devices, one Ethernet port and a power port. Note: Some SPA100 devices will come with two Ethernet connections, one the WAN or Internet, the second for the LAN or as a PC connection.

A Bogan Tam-B will interface with many different paging and speaker systems

Bogan Tamb2.A Bogan TamB2 interface adapter will act as a gateway device to your paging or speaker systems. There can be several setups, each explained in the TamB2 manual. The connections can vary depending on the voltage requirements and other factors which the manual describes and gives you schematics for different devices.


Bogan TamB diagram for connecting paging.As shown the connection from the Cisco IAD (SPA112 or PAP2T) connects directly to the TamB using the Tip and Ring connections where the phone system is listed. From there, the connections to the paging system would be handled with more specific information for different paging/speaker systems. This information with diagrams is spelled out in the Bogan Tam-B manual. NOTE: Along with the two types of paging systems, CA and SA, an additional major difference is one-way paging or a talk-back solution.

Valcom 1030c Paging HornDesigning Paging- 3 Types of Speakers That are Used

There are three kinds of speakers. They are:

Self-Amplified 24 volt systems represent a suitable choice for small installations. For larger installations a 70 volt Central-Amplified system is better and more economical.


Along with choosing paging devices; horns, ceiling speakers, amplifiers and power supplies, choosing the correct wire type and size is an important aspect to any installation.

Paging Installation Resources that will guide your Paging Project.

Calculate wire size and horn size for paging. Bogan and Valcom offer a lot of help and guidance when it comes to paging installations. Start with choosing which system either SA (Self Amplified) or CA (Central Amplified) and if it will be a talkback system or one-way. Then choose the appropriate equipment. The following how-to guides offer everything you'll need:

Paging Design   How to Install Paging   Choosing Wire for Paging Projects

   Valcom-One-way Guide   Valcom-Talkback Paging Guide

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