Abrivo Xeo Phone System Manuals

Abrivo Xeo Phone Manuals for Xeo Business Phone System

Abrivo Digital TelephoneThe following Abrivo phone system manuals are for the the Xeo PBX systems originally made for Abrivo by Iwatsu. They are available for download. These phones were designed by Iwatsu, who makes phone other systems, along with many other electronics for other large corporations. The Xeo phone system can handle up to 14 digital telephones and up to six incoming telecom company phone lines and has built-in voicemail. The base standard configuration allows for two incoming phone lines and connections for up to to six digital telephones, although the "base package sold" usually came equipped with four phones, so that makes it easy for some to add two more telephones.

Abrivo Xeo PBX Manuals and Telephone Guides


Abrivo Xeo General Description 7-30
Abrivo Xeo Owners Manual Ver 7-30
Abrivo Xeo Digital Telephone Station User Quick Reference Guide
Abrivo Xeo Digital Telephone Station User Quick Reference Small
Abrivo Xeo Integrated Voice Mail Quick Ref Guide Software Ver 2
Abrivo Xeo Digital Telephone Station User Quick Reference

Abrivo phone system salesperson.About Abrivo Communications Xeo

Abrivo Xeo corporate information and phone system information..IWATSU, a Japanese company, started as a telephone manufacturer in 1985.  The Abrivo Xeo was designed for Abrivo by Iwatsu. Iwatsu manufactures several products for major suppliers such as Panasonic and the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Company (NTT). The Abrivo Xeo was designed specifically for small businesses and provides both basic and advanced telephony functions, like voicemail, an auto-attendant and day/night message modes. X-eo System Telephones come in three versions, a digital desk telephone, a multi-line digital desk telephone and digital wireless key telephone.