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Lucent (At&t) Merlin Magix Phone Guides

Merlin phone systems first introduced by At&t (later to become Lucent Technologies) made models in both the Legend series and the Magix series. The At&t Merlin started in the early 1980s and was introduced with a two line with up to six telephones all the way to a ten line version capable of handling up to seventy telephones. Phones are still available for the 5 button model to the larger models.

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Merlin Magix System Troubleshooting and Maintenance Guides


Merlin Magix Install, SPM, Maint and Troubleshooting Supplement
Merlin Magix Digital Direct-Line Console Operators Guide
Merlin Magix Digital Queued Call Console Operators Guide
Merlin Magix Integrated System Release 1.0 Feature Ref
Merlin Magix Integrated System Release 1.0 System Prog Manual
Merlin Magix Integrated System Rel 1.5 Release Notes
Merlin Magix Integrated System Release 1.5 Pocket Ref
Merlin Magix System Prog Basics Release 2.2
Merlin Magix Integrated System Rel 1 Install and Maint Manual
Merlin Magix System Planning Guide

About Merlin Magix

At&t (Lucent) Merlin Magix phone system information.Merlin Magix was designed and built by (at&t) Lucent Technologies for small and mid-sized businesses requiring key and PBX telephony system features. These systems have been extensively deployed, although they are no longer being manufactured. Many of these legacy systems are still in operation.
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