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Southwestern Bell Telephone Company founded way back in 1882 is now owned and is a subsidiary of AT&T. It operates in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, and portions of Illinois.
The Southwestern Bell FS-800 and FS-900 phones work on the FS-246 KSU phone system, which can be expanded to a maximum configuration of six lines and sixteen phone handsets. The FS-800 has no display while the FS-900 does have a display. The FS-900 was described as the Executive Key Telephone set. Both of these older phones can still be found refurbished.


Southwestern Bell (Conair) Freedom Phone Guides


FS800 and FS900 Freedom Phone Guides

Southwestern Bell FS800 Freedom Phone Key Set Guide
Southwestern Bell FS900 Executive Freedom Phone Set Guide


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Southwestern Bell company information.Now At&t, the smallest of all of the seven "Baby Bells", Southwestern Bell later became known as SBC Communications, Inc. Southwestern Bell began licensing its name to Conair Corporation shortly after the AT&T breakup, creating the Southwestern Bell Freedom Phone. Conair continues to produce this line of telephones and telephone accessories.